It’s too early for this poop …

When I have my first WEIRD person encounter before 8:30 in the morning I just know that it’s going to be an interesting day. Oy.

Well, I hope you all have a day where it’s just too early for this poop!!!


A good egg …

About a year-ish (or two???) ago I had bought a carton of eggs from a warehouse style store. I had bought eggs from this store many times before but this particular egg carton weirded me out so much that I've not bought eggs from them since.

What was weird, you ask?

Almost every egg in that 18-count carton was a double yolked egg. Whoa. At first I thought, "Wow, neat!" But as the days passed and the eggs cracked my "neat" turned into "What the heck?!?" I wasn't sure what the stats were on naturally occurring double yolks but I knew that this carton was definitely not normal. So I googled. The information I found stated that a naturally occurring double yolked egg occurs 1 in 1000 eggs laid. SAY WHAT?!?! Yeah, it's RARE. Now I could have been naive and just thought I was lucky to have had all those double yolked eggs OR I could be paranoid. You guessed it, I went with paranoid.

Quite some time has passed since then and I haven't had one double yolked egg. Until today! Now I'm not sure if I've cooked 1000 eggs since the "freak of an egg carton" incident but with as much as we go through eggs around here I feel, safe to say, that we are at least darn close to that number. So I'm going to assume that my egg this morning was one of those naturally occurring double yolked eggs and go back to thinking, "NEAT!"

Well, I hope you all have a day where you find a good egg!!!

Taped up and drugged … 

I have been dealing with one heck of a shin splint for the past month. I have no clue why I got it. I haven’t had one in years. I wasn’t over training by any stretch of the imagination. My running shoes aren’t too new or too old, nor are they a different shoe than I’m used to. It’s just one of those things that happened. And although I’m a little disappointed that it has derailed my training for the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon in July, I’ve come to make peace with it too. It won’t be the race I had hoped it would be, I really wanted a new PR. But it will be an incredible experience nonetheless. The course is supposed to be beautiful and I’m really looking forward to taking it all in.

Regardless of my injury I am still training. I am not running nearly as hard or as fast as I normally would be. I have been trying my best to find the balance between allowing my leg time to heal and getting a decent training in so that I will be able to finish the race. It’s been a tough one to say the least.

Runners are a weird bunch. We own it. We will do just about anything to keep running even under the worst of circumstances. Have you ever watched a marathon? All that misery? We love it. And none of us can tell you why. It’s just something we accept and understand it when we see each other going through it. To the “outside” world, this makes us look insane. Running hurts on a good day. Running injured is hell … but it’s OK with us. No. Really. Again, we are a weird unexplainable bunch.

As for me, as long as I don’t think I’m doing irreparable damage to myself, I keep running and I modify my training as needed. This shin splint, however, is requiring a bit more of an intervention and in the past few days I think I finally found the balance I need to finish this training. It’s not pretty … but it appears to be working.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are taped up and drugged!!!


As if daylight savings isn’t bad enough to through me off, my crazy cell phone isn’t helping. Not. At. All.

If you have known me for any length of time you know that every phone that I have had has been possessed. No. Really. You don’t have to believe me but I have had friends and family witness the crazy that is spewed from my phones. Today was no exception.

Before I go any further I should let you know that my phone’s name is LOLA. The reason I named her this is because ever since I got her (a year ago this month) it has changed “LOL” too “LOLA”. No joke. I can’t get it to stop. So I gave in and named her LOLA.

Anyway, yesterday LOLA appeared to have adjusted just fine to the time change. But today she has been less than accepting of the idea. She has gone back and forth several times between our “new” time and our pre-daylight savings time. It is so weird … the time switch thingy … and yes … that I named my possessed phone LOLA.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you can make up your mind!!!

ME, my EYE ZIT and the WEIRD that follows me …

OK, this one shocked even me. I woke up early this morning … no, not to run. This was not voluntary or planned. I woke up at 1 a.m. with excruciating eye pain. Um … I am not a whimp when it comes to pain. I’ve survived a fractured vertebra, migraines, natural child birth, an emergency c-section (and a wicked recovery), meningitis and running a marathon with three sprained tendons in my foot. Yadda, yadda, yadda. My point being, I am a bad @&& when it comes to pain. So for this eye pain to wake me up and land me in a germ infested ER during flu season 15 days before my next marathon, YOU KNOW it had to be BAD! The diagnosis: a Hordeolum internum. In normal people terms … it’s an internal sty. INTERNAL. Yes people, what woke me up from a dead sleep was the eruption of a zit behind my eye. Lovely. I was not easily convinced of this fact because the pain was so bad. But apparently it is known to be quite painful … and rare (of course). Since they did a pretty thorough eye exam (not everyone gets a glaucoma test at 3 a.m. … don’t be jealous), I was reluctantly convinced. Now, this isn’t the first weird medical thing I’ve experienced. Sadly, I don’t think it will be the last either. AND it certainly doesn’t top the list … but still. Really? An INTERNAL EYE ZIT … only me …

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t wake up with some un-SIGHT-ly acne!!!