A turning point …

Holy moly. Yesterday I wrote about getting sick. Well, it was an understatement. As the day progressed I got MISERABLY SICK. I haven’t had cold and flu symptoms that severe in years. I spent most of the day laying on the couch. My family was so good to me. They all pitched in and helped. Last night I couldn’t believe how bad I felt. It was horrible and I was a little worried. I can usually function pretty well when I get a virus. Not this time! No way, no how. I went to sleep hoping and praying I’d feel better in the morning. I was pretty restless but then at about 1 a.m. my fever broke. Yikes! I haven’t had a fever break like that since I was a kid. I was a sweaty mess. As I laid there grossed out and drenched in sickness yuck I felt relieved. I knew that my icky soaked state meant something good. Yay!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you reach a turning point!!!


That hot, hilly, and windy 20-miler was so much fun (said no runner ever) …

Today I ran my 20-miler. I have been physically and mentally preparing for it all week. This is a big one. Huge. I couldn’t wait to get it under my (fuel) belt. And then I woke up.

I woke up to the sound of wind. As I started to get ready I realized the wind wasn’t letting up, so I checked the weather report. High wind advisory. SWELL. I already knew I would be racing against time to avoid the heat, which wouldn’t be an easy battle because I mapped out 10 miles of hills for myself. Wind was not going to make anything easier. Not. At. All. But I laced up and got out there anyway. Somehow I survived and lived to write about it. Here’s how it all went down:

Mile 1: The wind appears to have died down. Run woman run!

Miles 2: I was wrong … the wind did not die down.

Mile 3: Suspicious stranger sighting. I’m glad I have my pepper spray but with all the wind I figure using it could backfire. I determine I can out run him. My paranoia subsides.

Mile 4: My left hamstring woke up and is pissed we aren’t still in bed. I also come to the realization that everyone in my neighborhood is still asleep. I am overwhelmed with jealousy.

Mile 5: 10,000 steps. Whatever Fitbit, whatever.

Mile 6: Gusts. I hate them and all the debris that comes with them. Ouch.

Mile 7: I wonder why I didn’t register for the Donate Life 5k that is this weekend. It’s practically in my backyard. Then I realize I would have had to run it over 6 times to get all my miles in. I calculate 6 race entry fees. I am happy I can still do simple math. This skill will be dead to me soon.

Mile 8: Cyclists pass me. I notice all their butts. I conclude that my butt is too big to fit on a bike seat.

Mile 9: The downhill. This is just mind trickery to build my confidence … the REAL hills are coming.

Mile 10: I’m at the gates of Hell. Let the hill repeats begin.

Mile 11: Branches are falling from the trees. Sure let’s make this a terrifying obstacle course too. Because I obviously need THAT in my life.

Mile 12: Blood, sweat and gagging. I REALLY hate hills. Oh and MORE WIND.

Mile 13: If wind was a person I would call it a bad name … and punch it in the throat.

Mile 14: I’m pretty sure everything is chapped.

Mile 15: What fresh hell is this?

Mile 16: Pulling out the big guns. Electrolytes with extra caffeine. This will either get me to the end of this run or give me a heart attack. At this point I see it going either way. 

Mile 17: A brief encounter with feeling TOTALLY BITCHEN. In your face haters. I GOT THIS.

Mile 18: BITCHEN feeling gone. I start my run home. I remember that it’s uphill. I am running into the sun and have a constant headwind. I cry a little and question my sanity.

Mile 19: My ability to do simple math is gone. Everything hurts. I am pretty sure running is very bad for you.

Mile 20: DONE. Elated and thankful. It is over. I did it. And I am pretty sure that once the feeling of wanting to throw-up leaves my body I will want to eat my weight in donuts.

The 20 miler. Even under the best of circumstances I have never found this distance easy. Today was unbelievably hard. It beat my tush. But I have learned over the years that if I try hard enough I can find humor in even the most difficult runs. I gotta say, I like that about myself.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you laugh yourself through some tough times!!!

Upper lip sweating (yes, I really wrote about that) …

I love the heat so much that I rarely notice it when the temperatures soar. I think that my internal thermostat runs colder than most because I honestly just enjoy it. But I do have to admit that one thing does make me know it’s hot. Real. Hot.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t have a sweaty upper lip!!!

Smelly … 

This morning I ran and didn’t have time to shower before I had to get Libs up for and to a Digital Media Arts Academy workshop. I quickly made breakfast and proceeded to toss a french toast medallion covered in marinated strawberries all over my leg, foot and kitchen floor. As I ran out the door with my coffee to take Libs to the workshop I spilled my coffee all over my left boob. Thank God it wasn’t nearly as hot as it could have been. I got home from dropping Libs off and got Reese ready to go to summer school. One of her favorite things for lunch is Trader Joe’s version of Spaghetti-Os. When I was putting the can of Os into a microwave save bowl I managed to spill them on my tank and shorts. At this point I realized that I probably shouldn’t wear anything nice today … and that I really needed a shower.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t smelly!!!

Clammy …

I sweat. I sweat a lot. Thankfully not randomly, just when I run and work out. I mean, I sweat like regular people too, but I REALLY sweat when I am running or working out. I didn’t used to but then my dietician had me change a few things and WHAH-LA … more sweat.
Anyway, today was a cycling and yoga day for me. But as I started working up a sweat I found it to be somewhat different than my normal sweatiness.

No folks … I’m not going to stop writing about sweat. This is all I’ve got today.

So back to my sweat. I felt muggy. Damp. And humid. Can a person feel muggy, damp and humid?!? Well, I did. And let me tell you, it isn’t pleasant. Some people don’t like to sweat. I actually like it. Except this new sticky ew-ey version my body created today. Perhaps it’s stress sweat. I gotta whole lotta that going on these days. Yes, let’s go with that cause. Detoxing from the drama, the BLAH and the MEH of life! I leaked out my stress all over that stationary bike thingy! And it felt … really … really GROSS.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t feel CLAMMY!!!