Believing my own delusions …

Whoa. I think I may have taken this Bob the Boot thing a little too seriously for my subconscious to handle. When I was driving on the freeway earlier today I almost got into the carpool lane.


It was just me and Bob, who was sitting in the front seat. I would love to have seen me explain THAT to a highway patrol officer.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t starting to believe your own delusions!!!

I have one messed up subconscious …

I have mentioned before that I am starting to remember many of my dreams. This has not been the case since I had meningitis almost 7 years ago. Whatever the virus did to me, it had wiped out my ability to recall my dreams. I haven’t really minded the loss of my dreams. But I have to say, that starting to remember them is just down right weird. I am not used to the physical or emotional reactions of dreaming. Nor am I used to how unnervingly real they can seem.

I have also mentioned that I have started watching Bones the television series. A crime show based on crimes solved by the FBI and a forensic team at the Jeffersonian Institute. Again totally out of my norm. But I am really enjoying the show so I’m rolling with it. In the past decade or more the only shows I tend to even glance at are children’s shows for the most part. And this brings me to the point of today’s blog entry.

Reese’s favorite show right now is The Fresh Beat Band. To sum up the show in a nutshell, it’s about musicians and singers who solve problems that pre-school children can relate to.

NOW … imagine what would happen if you combined Bones, the Fresh Beat Band AND my renewed ability to remember my dreams.

Why don’t I just give you a hint about what it’s like. Combine a terrifying nightmare about being buried alive and entombed in a rocket jammed inside a children’s tunnel slide. Trapped with you are some of the happiest people on earth who have NO CLUE of your dire situation … and who like to sing!

Good lord, I think I liked it better when I couldn’t remember my dreams and didn’t like television.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you didn’t think that you had one messed up subconscious!!!