Smiling, celebrating and running … 

Today on my run I was coming up behind an elderly man. At the same time walking the opposite direction toward me was a group of elderly women. I could hear the women’s voices, off in the distance. As I got closer I heard them saying excitedly things like “There he is!” and “He’s here!” As I reached the man and the group of women suddenly the women all began to sing! It was the man’s birthday and this beautiful tribe of women was doing their best to make him feel appreciated. Wow! I loved it! I was so thankful to witness this little treasure. It was wonderful to see the kindness, friendship and excitement that these women brought to celebrate the life of this man … that I didn’t even know! What a sweet moment I got to share with these strangers. This my friends is what life is all about. Genuine life moments. Simply. The. Best.

Well, I hope you all have a day where life leaves you smiling ear to ear!!!