Skipping through life … 

I’m not going to lie. I was in quite a mood this morning. Three-ish hours of sleep. Achey muscles. Getting the kids off to school was darn near impossible. For some reason literally every normal morning task had three additional steps added to it. And everything took 200 BAZILLION times longer to finish. Thus, my not-so pleasant mood.

But then on my way back from one of my school drop offs I saw something that you don’t see every day … and it turned my whole day around.

Depending on who I am dropping off at school I pass several schools in the morning, some of which are not even our own. One is an elementary school situated on a particularly narrow part of the street. As you drive through it gets pretty congested as parents who are walking need to cross to get their little kiddos safely across the street. Today I saw, who I can only assume was a dad, waiting patiently to cross childless back across the street to get to his car or home near by. Knowing it can take a month of Sundays to cross there (it’s a crosswalk without a light) I let him cross in front of me. It wasn’t likely to back up traffic anymore than it already was through there anyway. When he realized I was letting him cross he quickly started to go … and then IT happened.

Perhaps he didn’t mean to (or better yet, HE DID) but this fairly built and very tall man did something that only someone who has frequent encounters with a child would EVER mistakenly do. The best part: he did it the whole way across the street. It was either sheer confidence or the result of having a young child. Either way, this guy ROCKED. 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you SKIP THROUGH LIFE!!!