A hot mess …

Every morning that I run, right after I wake up, I check my weather and air quality apps. Then I dress accordingly. Which usually entails a few layers of clothing, that I shed along the way, and a hat. I grab my lip balm and pepper spray and I am out the door. Most mornings this goes quite smoothly. Not today.

The past few weeks I’ve enjoyed very cool morning runs with decent air quality.

This morning my weather app showed a warmer 62 degrees. I am usually always cold so I decided to still wear capris and a single long sleeved shirt to accommodate for the warmer weather. I happily left my house, forgetting my lip balm and forgetting to check my air quality app. About a half mile away from my house I realized that I put the wrong long sleeved pink running shirt on. This one does this weird rolling thing at the bottom and it drives me nuts. And I was already getting warm with no other layers to remove. I have been known to run in just a running bra, but not so early in the season. This white tummy of mine had no business being shown even at undead hours. HA! I also noticed that the brim of my hat kept moving up. Why?!?! I adjusted it a few times but it kept happening so I gave up realizing that I wasn’t running fast enough to create much of a resistance. HA, again! If all of this wasn’t bad enough, I then got a pebble in my shoe … that I refused to stop for. OY. A few minutes later I reached for my lip balm, and it wasn’t there. I was NOT happy with myself. This is one of the worst things for me our there. I need my lip balm. But I refused it go back home to get it. Hours later I am still regretting that decision. My lips still are not quite right!

I was so stubborn this morning, that I shocked myself. I refused to stop and fix anything that was wrong. I was sweating and over heating, stuck in a thick rolling shirt, with a wonky hat, a pebble in my shoe, no lip balm and breathing what turned out to be not the best air. For some reason, I pressed on … miserably.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t a hot mess!!!


You can make it to the finish …

My kids are BUSY. There are a lot of them. And they are heading in all sorts of directions. Libs and Reese have one more week of school left. THANK GOD. Libs had her Farewell Concert last night and her choir banquet is tonight. After that it’s JUST finals. For the record, when finals are used in correlation with the word “just” you know it’s been a heck of a school year. Despite there only being a week left, we still have a lot to work out too. UGH. I have some issues to deal with regarding Reese’s school plan for next year. Along with that I am helping George maneuver through the study abroad program. THAT is a DOOZY. So needless to say, the end of this school year has kicked my mom butt. I keep telling myself it will all be over soon. Which is actually what I tell myself on practically every run and race I’ve ever completed. HA! Anyway, the difference a mere seven days will make is honestly astonishing. School will be out, we will have lots of answers to our questions and Sid will be home. I simply can’t wait.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you make it to the finish!!!

The best week ever …

It makes me giggle every year. National Running Day and National Donut Day are both THIS week. Appreciation for my favorite pastime AND my favorite vice are all contained in ONE week. How cool is THAT?!?!

Well, I hope you all have the best week EVER!!!

Forced recuperation …

I woke up at 4 am. WIDE. AWAKE. On a Saturday. I purposely did my long run yesterday so I could sleep in today. And honestly, by “sleeping in” I mean I was hoping to sleep until 6 am. But, nope. My body wasn’t having any part of that. Or maybe my brain was to blame. Either way, I woke up 2 hours earlier than I wanted to after two days of feeling exhausted. So I refused to let myself get up. My body was going to get the rest it needed even if I had to duct tape myself to my bed to get it! Sheesh!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get some forced recuperation!

My kind of day …

I took a carefree run this morning. Then I enjoyed some much needed yoga. Later I had some creative fun in my kitchen. And I even had some time to sit down and write from my soul. It was THE BEST.

Well, I hope you all had my kind of day!!!

Piled up …

THIS. WEEK. The finale to our incredibly busy Spring. It seems like I’ve waited an eternity for this week to arrive. It’s been a LONG one and I wondered if we would make it with all our responsibilities met. Surprisingly, we did! But we are limping to the finish. I have definitely BEEN THERE, DONE THAT as both a runner and a mom. HA! Saturday I thought WE GOT THIS! But then Sunday afternoon came and I started feeling run down AGAIN. This cold/UGLINESS has been no joke. It has knocked me on my tush a few times. Luckily yesterday I felt a lot better and I got a ton done. I was so thankful because this week is the last INSANELY busy week we have of the school year. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week in our district too and I really try to make it special for Reese’s teachers, her aides and her therapists. It’s a lot of work, but when I think about what they do for her on a daily basis I just want to go overboard in thanking them. On top of that, Libs had a dental appointment yesterday. Which wasn’t a big deal, it’s the rest of her schedule this week that has me a little unnerved. She has two SAT tutoring sessions, an SAT practice test, her AP U.S. History exam and a whole slew of other tests and projects. Most of these things are out of our control. Things are scheduled when they are scheduled and you can’t do much about them, other than do your best to accomplish everything. Reese’s schedule is better than Libs but not by much. She has her usual dance and musical theatre classes this week but she also has two recitals and a Track Meet … all in about 24 hours! Again, how does everything seem to end up at the same time?!?! Oy!

Well, I hope you all have a day where things don’t pile up!!!