A mental health day …

I am a big proponent of self care. Having lost my mom as a young adult I learned VERY QUICKLY that if I didn’t take care of me, no one would! As an adult, no matter how young, there is an assumption that you will self-regulate your needs. But this DOES NOT always come naturally or easily. We are often consumed with very real stressors and self-imposed expectations that literally run our lives. I have tried to teach my children that taking care of themselves, mind, body and soul, is an absolute necessity. I remind them that they are precious beings and that investing in themselves will only leave them better equipped to tackle their goals and meet their responsibilities. I tell them that there will be days when they just need to “push pause” on their normal daily routines. And I assure them that rest, nourishment and a little bit of laughter go a long way.

Well, I hope you all take a mental health day!!!


Our summer story …

It’s (almost) the most WONDERFUL time of the year! Tomorrow is Libs’ and Reese’s last day of school. Thank you SWEET BABY JESUS! It has been a long DOOZY of a school year and these girls need and deserve a break.

Summers look a lot different around here now. With Sid in San Francisco full time and George home from college but working, it’s definitely not the summers of our past. Gone are their days of early childhood. Thankfully, because of Reese, we are still allowed glimpses of them peppered into our every evolving lives. I cherish these moments that keep us connected to those carefree times. I wish that they were as abundant as they were, but I have learned to take what I can get. And trust me, I am grateful. Because even though they occur differently now, they are all still so precious to me. So. So. Precious.

As I look back over the past school year I am reminded of how quickly time passes. People grow out of routines. Life simply changes. Again, I am thankful. And even more so that this family of mine, just seems to roll with it. I am the one who hangs on tighter to the past. Which is silly because, as painful as I find all of this sometimes, I have found that change has never let me down. I have learned that as the pages of time continue to turn, it allows us to write new and adventurous tales into our family history. It is a perspective that has not come easy for me. But I’m continually feeling the comfort it brings me. It is nice to know that nothing is truly ending … it’s just the beginning of another new chapter.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you begin to write your summer story!!!

Summer’s end and a change of pace …

It's our last Sunday of summer break. Sid and George are at college. Libs and Reese return to school on Tuesday. This summer has been a DOOZEY. Emotional and exciting don't even come close to describing it. The summer of 2017 will go down as one of my all time favorites.

I never want summer to end but there is something about the routine that comes with the start of a new school year that grounds me. Summer months tend to feel (and be) more spontaneous and frivolous. But the Fall, winter and Spring months have a coziness to them. Our days are filled with the orderliness of schedules, sports and school, and by the end of August I'm usually ready for it. Fall and winter around this house are filled with magic and traditions that I have come to love. This year we even have some different things planned as well. I'm looking forward to both the familiar back-to-school regimen and the new life we will carve out for ourselves. Our family dynamics are not the same with two of my four children out of the house now. Life will undoubtedly be different, but I know it will be good for all of us.

So am I ready to say "goodbye" to these incredible days of summer? Yes. I believe I am. I will tuck their memories away in my heart. And I will be grateful for each and every moment that I got to spend with the people I love most in this world. God blessed me with another summer … and I truly can't be more thankful.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are ready for a change of pace!!!

Loved and appreciated … 

I’ve been running around like a crazy person this week. Busy. Busy. Busy. Do we ever really think about what is on our plates? Don’t most of us just deal with it and get it done. I’m of the belief that we don’t need praise or recognition for meeting our responsibilities or behaving like good adults. I think our society has blurred this a little. But that is a topic for a different day. Today is about kindness and tenderness shown to you when you don’t even realize you need it. When someone takes the time to love on you when they see the opportunity in a quiet moment.

I have a meeting at the Down Syndrome Association tonight so I upped my daily chores a few hours. The first being giving Reese a bath when she first got home from school. After she was dressed and her hair was brushed she asked to lay in my bed and to go on her iPad. This kid loves her down time after school! 

After I got her settled in my bed I went to clean out her lunch box and backpack, checked on the laundry, did a few dishes and a few other minor things around the house. I then went back into my bedroom to check on my Ree. I flopped down on my back at the foot of my bed and just stared at the ceiling. I didn’t realize how good it would feel to lay down. Wow, I could have fallen asleep! I guess my laying there got Reese’s attention. I rarely lay down during the day and this seemed to surprised her. She smiled a big smile at me and crawled out from underneath the blankets. She leaned over me and kissed me. And then she went back to her iPad. Now I’m not exactly sure why she took the time to kiss me but I can assure you that the kiss came wrapped in a whole lot of feelings … at least for me. This kid is simply THE BEST.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel loved and appreciated!!!

Regularly scheduled programming …

My crew went back to school today. Honestly, it makes me sad. I love when they are all home. But I guess there is something to be said about being back to a familiar routine again.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you got back to your regularly scheduled programming!!!