Grateful to be a part of something special …

Yesterday Reese participated in the Special Olympics Regional Games Track and Field events. This is her second year as an Special Olympics athlete. I can’t imagine that there will ever come a time when I’ll get used to how incredible these events are. If you have ever questioned the value of Special Olympics, I encourage you to attend. The joy and pride I have seen on these athletes faces is absolutely life changing. These are the REALEST of moments and the most GENUINENESS of feelings I have ever witnessed. I can’t help but be moved to tears by this level of beautiful humanness. Thank you Special Olympics! To encourage, to help and to give another human being the opportunity to DO and ACCOMPLISH great things, is nothing less than heroic.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are grateful to be a part of something special!!!

Rise to the occasion …

There is NOTHING like seeing my children overcome adversity and succeed despite the odds stacked against. To watch them persevere mentally and physically, amidst self doubt, just fills this mama’s heart with pride. And seeing them come to the realization that taking a chance on themselves is worth it, will ALWAYS fill my heart with joy. I can attest, when your child realizes that they ARE capable of reaching goals and living out their dreams, it is truly a beautiful moment.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you rose to the occasion!!!

Never forget …

Today is 9/11, a day that evokes a lot of emotions for us Americans. There are feelings of sadness of course. But there is also a sense of pride for our country and a gratitude for our freedoms and those who protect us. I wish we could remember to live like this every day.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you never forget!!!


Happily heartbroken …

Today we registered G3 for his senior year in high school. Between taking his senior portraits last week and this, there is no denying it … I am not handling this any better than I did when Sid experienced all of it. The same feelings of excitement, pride, loss and grief are doing battle in my heart again. My little boy has become a brilliant young man with an amazing future ahead of him. I truly couldn’t be happier. But I am also saddened by the changes that I know are coming. I also grieve for the time that seems to have passed so quickly. My memories return to my newborn son’s tiny hands … that are now bigger than mine. My shy, sweet Hammy Handsome is now a confident man ready to take on the world. And yet I can’t help but think of those precious times when he wore Thomas the Tank sneakers and when he told me “I did it” for the very first time. Yes, my baby boy … you DID do it. And mommy couldn’t be prouder of you.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are happily heartbroken!!!

Never forget …

If you ask someone who was born in New York and has lived everywhere else virtually since birth, my guess is that they will always consider themselves a New Yorker first. No matter how many years they lived somewhere else, New York probably holds a big enough place in their hearts to keep that standing. I know, because I am one of them. Most people cannot even begin to understand this on a normal day … but on September 11, 2001 the world understood. That day we all became New Yorkers with a pride in our country like we had not seen in decades.

New York was once the main entrance into our country. Our ancestors who immigrated here felt pride in becoming part of a land filled with so much potential. Our melting pot was full of hope. And out of the ashes of the terrorist attacks on 9/11 I believe some of that hope and pride was found again.

Sid and G3 had just started pre-school so I had called my old employer to see if she had any contracts to keep me busy. Thankfully she did. I never let the kids watch television before school and it had been an unusually busy morning so I never turned my car stereo on and was just enjoying the silence on my drive into the hospital. I was almost there when I received a call from my husband. He must have immediately realized I was clueless. He then asked, “Do you know if your aunt is working in the city today?” I said I didn’t, and then I asked why.

I spent the next few hours trying to find my aunt. Thankfully she was at her other home in North Carolina. I checked on Sid and G3 who were safe, so I continued on to the hospital after my husband’s call. I think I was in shock just like the rest of the world. It took me months to be able to actually watch footage of the towers fall. I couldn’t bear to watch it in it’s entirety. It was just too much for me.

As scared and confused as I felt that day, I also felt a fierce and passionate need to do my part. To be an American and do whatever my country called me to do. So many heroes acted without question that day. From ground zero to little towns across the country. We did what we needed to, and did so naturally. We just, did.

We had bomb threats at our hospital and were asked several times to go through patients rooms looking for suspicious packages. What? Social workers looking for bombs?!?! As crazy as that seems to me now, it didn’t then. I’m not even sure any of us would have known what something suspicious would have looked like, but we all tried anyway. Again, we just, did.

I look back at that day and remember the terror and uncertainty that literally everyone in our country was feeling. But I also remember how brave and proud we all felt at the same time too. We. All of us. Coming together to be whatever our country needed us to be. WOW. We weren’t looking for compensation. We didn’t see what was “in it” for us first. It was not selfish or self driven. And no matter how big or how small the act we performed was, we knew it was for the betterment of all. There was no selfishness in that day. We just, did.

In all of my adult life I don’t think I’ve ever heard as much complaining about our country as I do today. I’m not writing today to get into a political rant either. I don’t ever go there. But I will say this.

We need to stop complaining so much. Despite our problems, I am pretty sure none of us would want to give up our citizenship and go live somewhere else. And we need to remember that … especially today.

I look at it as down right disrespectful to our troops to keep complaining without action. They are literally giving up their lives so we can sit back and complain about how bad it is here. WHAT THE HECK?!?!

If you want to change something go join a HEALTHY NORMAL PEACEFUL LAW ABIDING group who’s mission is to facilitate positive change in our country. Go to rallies. VOTE. Heck, stuff envelopes for an organization that supports the changes you want to see. But please, STOP sitting on your butts complaining on your social media page about how bad things are. I’m not saying to stop expressing your opinions … but coupling that with some action, may actually make a difference. Get up … and do.

Thirteen years ago today our country was attacked my terrorists. As a result, our world has never been the same again. Virtually everyone came together to do their part that day. We stood together. Heroes were made, and sadly, many were lost. That day in our country’s history we just, DID. Without question or complaint and without promise of reward. We acted like Americans should.

Let’s honor the memory of that day and of our fallen heroes … by always remembering to, selflessly and honorably … do …

Well, I hope you all have a day where you NEVER FORGET!!!