Denial and the DMV …

I have been ACTING like I am not really going THERE today. PRETENDING like I have an appointment. KIDDING myself that I don’t really need one. BELIEVING that I will be in and out very quickly. ASSUMING I will not run into any problems. AND I am clearly, AVOIDING the reality of my situation.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t in DENIAL about your trip to the DMV!!!

Be the real deal …

This morning I snapped the cutest picture of Reese pretending to be asleep. Duck lip pout. Nose scrunched. One eye clinched shut while the other one was slightly open to keep an eye on me. ALL PRECIOUSNESS!

And it got me thinking … probably a little too profoundly for a Tuesday morning. HA!

Unless you are a child at play, why would anyone want to fake life? Why would anyone want to pretend to be someone they aren’t? To live a life that is less than genuine is completely baffling to me. OK fine, I get the whole lack of self esteem thing, but seriously. The effort it takes to create a facade and to keep it up, has to take a ton of energy. Energy, that if redirected lovingly inward, can do incredible things! And trust me, it’s FREEING. I want to scream it from the rooftops that being fake only robs your soul of its’ uniqueness. And it goes so much deeper than that! How, in a disingenuous state, can someone expect to connect with others on an intimate and loving level? I have found that my life is BEST lived when I share it with people who GET me. I want to be as genuinely myself as possible because I want that in return from the people who bravely choose to walk through life with me. And honestly, how can I expect it, if I don’t live it?

Well, I hope you all have a day where you have the courage to be the real deal!!!