Happy and hopeful …

Pleasant and positive people should not have to deal with unpleasant and yucky people, ESPECIALLY first thing in the morning. THIS should not have to be a THING. Good Lordy, life is hard for ALL of us but some people look at it as an excuse and opportunity to be a bad human. Well, I am here to tell you that NO, THAT IS NOT OK. I usually do my best to avoid these types of people, but unfortunately sometimes encounters with them are unavoidable. Ew. If this is the case, I just try to do my best to deal with the situation, knowing that it is temporary. THANK GOD. I am grateful that these interactions don’t change me or impact my day negatively. I tend to bounce back pretty fast knowing that my life, despite its difficulties, is still blessed in great and humbling ways. Negative people do not have the ability to alter my thankfulness nor can they take away my happiness and positivity. For some wonderful reason, those things tend to come naturally for me for the most part. And when they don’t, I fight like heck to get back there … because honestly, who would want negativity to be the central point from which they perceived their life?!?! Certainly, NOT ME.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you remain happy and hopeful!!!


My unbreakable spirit isn’t budging … in Living and Running in LaLa Land

I’m not sure if you guys out there have that one person who absolutely loathes to see you happy … sadly, I do. I really hope none of you have one too because I know my person tries their best, time and time again, to disrupt me in my happy place. I wouldn’t want that for any of you. Now, most of you may be asking, “Why wouldn’t you just end your relationship with this person?” Well, all I can say to that, is that we all know that is not always an option. And I’ve grown to be OK with that. Why? Because I’ve become immune to their toxic efforts. It’s like background noise in my life and I’ve learned to turn it off. My joy and my happiness aren’t going anywhere. I can handle the negativity thrown at me. Pessimism will never knock me down for good. And if I had to pick one thing that I like about myself it’s knowing that, through it all, my unbreakable spirit has remained standing on firm ground.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t budge!!!

Finding comfort in your misery … um … don’t do that …

Some people cannot or will not ever get out of their negative funk. They return to it like a boomerang. They settle in it like you would an old pair of sweatpants. And I just don’t get it.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t find comfort in your misery!!!