A hot mess …

Every morning that I run, right after I wake up, I check my weather and air quality apps. Then I dress accordingly. Which usually entails a few layers of clothing, that I shed along the way, and a hat. I grab my lip balm and pepper spray and I am out the door. Most mornings this goes quite smoothly. Not today.

The past few weeks I’ve enjoyed very cool morning runs with decent air quality.

This morning my weather app showed a warmer 62 degrees. I am usually always cold so I decided to still wear capris and a single long sleeved shirt to accommodate for the warmer weather. I happily left my house, forgetting my lip balm and forgetting to check my air quality app. About a half mile away from my house I realized that I put the wrong long sleeved pink running shirt on. This one does this weird rolling thing at the bottom and it drives me nuts. And I was already getting warm with no other layers to remove. I have been known to run in just a running bra, but not so early in the season. This white tummy of mine had no business being shown even at undead hours. HA! I also noticed that the brim of my hat kept moving up. Why?!?! I adjusted it a few times but it kept happening so I gave up realizing that I wasn’t running fast enough to create much of a resistance. HA, again! If all of this wasn’t bad enough, I then got a pebble in my shoe … that I refused to stop for. OY. A few minutes later I reached for my lip balm, and it wasn’t there. I was NOT happy with myself. This is one of the worst things for me our there. I need my lip balm. But I refused it go back home to get it. Hours later I am still regretting that decision. My lips still are not quite right!

I was so stubborn this morning, that I shocked myself. I refused to stop and fix anything that was wrong. I was sweating and over heating, stuck in a thick rolling shirt, with a wonky hat, a pebble in my shoe, no lip balm and breathing what turned out to be not the best air. For some reason, I pressed on … miserably.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t a hot mess!!!

A better tomorrow …

I got super duper sick Tuesday night. I felt AWFUL. I had a terrible sore throat, fever and chills. Yesterday I was about 4% better and completely exhausted. Today I limped my way through dripping, sneezing, coughing and still pretty miserable. I do NOT want another day of this thing. Heck, I don’t even want another minute of it. I need a miraculous healing!

Well, I hope you all have a better tomorrow!!!

Happily miserable …

This evening I started hill training again. I ran 7 miles and the first four were at a park near our home. The hills aren’t huge there but there are a lot of them and some of them seem to drag on forever. My first four miles were pretty decent. I wasn’t totally defeated. Yay! But the next three miles were a special kind of ugly. Gaggy ugly. Ew. And my legs are really feeling it right now. I hurt! But you know what? I didn’t care! I am excited to run with a new purpose. It has set my soul on fire and I am LOVING IT … um … despite how horribly awful I feel at the moment. HA!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are happily miserable!!!

A turning point …

Holy moly. Yesterday I wrote about getting sick. Well, it was an understatement. As the day progressed I got MISERABLY SICK. I haven’t had cold and flu symptoms that severe in years. I spent most of the day laying on the couch. My family was so good to me. They all pitched in and helped. Last night I couldn’t believe how bad I felt. It was horrible and I was a little worried. I can usually function pretty well when I get a virus. Not this time! No way, no how. I went to sleep hoping and praying I’d feel better in the morning. I was pretty restless but then at about 1 a.m. my fever broke. Yikes! I haven’t had a fever break like that since I was a kid. I was a sweaty mess. As I laid there grossed out and drenched in sickness yuck I felt relieved. I knew that my icky soaked state meant something good. Yay!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you reach a turning point!!!

An itchy drug-seeking hypocrite (I own it) …

So a few months ago my dermatologist gave me samples of sunscreens to use. She knows I’m freaked completely out by chemicals so she gave me two that she thought would suit me. I used one and it was very thick. Not my favorite. Then I used the other one she gave me and I loved how it felt on my skin. It is made with naturally-sourced sunscreen ingredients and is fragrance-free. Perfect for me, right?!?!


The few times I used it I got a small bumpy patch on my arm that itched for a few days. It wasn’t horrible but stilly not the most comfortable experience. But you would think that would stop me from using it further. Nope again … it didn’t. 

In hindsight, I find my decision to use it on race day last Sunday, incredibly dumb. I have completely broken out in bumps and/or welts every where I used it. It is even irritating my left eye. My symptoms have been so bad (and getting worse), that my medical provider wants me to contact poison control in an effort to find out what I could be allergic too. I need to avoid whatever it is FOR SURE!

Just for giggles let’s have a recap. My fear of chemicals leads to the recommended use of a sunscreen that should be “safe”. Only to have a reaction so bad that I end up on THREE chemical laden medications. THAT I AM WILLING TO TAKE BECAUSE I AM SO FREAKING MISERABLE. Yep, only me. And people wonder why I came up with my own little land to live in. BIG sigh.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t feel like an itchy drug seeking hypocrite!!!