Live life like it matters … 

I like to believe that I have a pretty good handle on what the most important and meaningful things in life are. But then there are some days that really drive it all home.

Live fearlessly.
Love completely.
Give effortlessly.
Be. And have courage to become.
Don’t rush.
Laugh. A lot.
Spend time with people who matter.
Tell them you love them. Take chances.
Hold hands.
Believe in who you are. Believe in someone who doesn’t.
Tell them.
Be kind.
Be good.
See beauty in everything.
Be happy, even if you are sad.
Watch sunrises. And sunsets.
Live your passion.
And never lose hope. Not. Ever.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you live life like it matters!!!

My own EPIC novel …

Every year as I celebrate a new birthday I come up with a new saying … and it always has to rhyme with my age. Well, because I’m a qwerky writer, HA! This isn’t my one word New Year mantra, this is something different. For example, this past year it was “I feel alive at 45”.

I’m not sure why I do these things but they make me happy. So I go with it.

Although, now I have a problem. For the past few weeks I’ve been trying to come up with a saying for turning 46 … and I can’t. I just haven’t liked any of the sayings I’ve thought of … and I’ve run out of time! My birthday is tomorrow. Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that just because I don’t have saying I won’t make it to 46. I’m not that coo coo. But it has really bothered me.

I’ve mentioned before that the strongest example I’ve had in my life, my mother, died at 46. Knowing my brain and all my emotions regarding turning THAT age this year (OMG in less than 24 hours), I’m pretty sure it’s all tied together.

I was out with some dear friends last night, my sorority sisters from college. They knew my mom and I brought all of this up. I told them that although I’ve seen plenty of people turn and BE 46, my greatest example of how life goes and how you are supposed to live it stopped there. It’s almost like getting to the middle of a great book and having all the pages fall out and be lost … forever.

I’m really not sure what to do with all this in my head right now. I’m still processing all of it. But I’m starting to feel that on some level this is where I have to start writing my own story. I have willingly and gratefully chosen to live the life legacy I was taught by my mother. To find happiness in any situation I have found myself in. To laugh as much as possible. To love fiercely. And to just be me, regardless of what people think.

So … I’m headed to the beach today. For some reason being there often helps me find answers, put things in perspective and find peace in my thoughts. However, this time it will be a little different. It’s up to me to write the next chapter of my life, on some level, without the example I’ve always relied on from my past … BIG SIGH.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you chose to be your own EPIC novel!!!