Onward and upward …

Life can always be an adventure if you press on and look up. And by “up” I don’t just mean “optimistically”. I mean literally looking up from our phones and electronic devices! There is SO much of our world to see and I can’t bear the thought of missing it because I chose my phone over another beautiful life experience. And trust me, by looking up you can see some pretty incredible things, like the Pigeon Point Lighthouse that we stumbled upon. Talk about literally LOOKING UP! We are changing our route up a bit today but we are still heading north. And I simply can’t wait to see what we will discover!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you move onward and upward!!!

It’s a wonderful world …

We have spent the past few days along the California Coast and we plan on seeing a whole lot more of it before we head home. It’s been exciting to see new things and to share new experiences with my children. I have told them since birth, to appreciate moments not things. I have shown them that sharing time with the people they love and adventuring with them will bring them more joy than any material treasure ever will. And I have taught them that this planet we call home will give them the opportunity for those moments and that joy, if they just take the time to explore it.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you got to experience our wonderful world!!!

No opportunities on hold …

It’s been one heck of a week. A wonderful week filled with lots of exciting things, but holy moly, it’s been exhausting! Last night I was out late too. I’m not sure what I was thinking, HA! I knew morning was coming with all of its responsibilities. But you know what? It was worth it!

I thank God every day for doors that He opens to life’s adventures. Big or small, timed or untimely, they are all a blessing. So I seize them! If I have learned anything over the past year it’s that life can leave you tired in two different ways. The first, from being weighted down by stress, worry and other unpleasantries. And the second, by getting out there, despite it all, and having a ball anyway! Regardless of how hard it may have been at times, life has taught me to chose to do the latter. And it’s never served me wrong when I have. This decision to ACT and not WALLOW has allowed me to share incredible experiences with some beautiful souls that I would have missed otherwise. And THAT is what, I like to believe, is the definition of a life well-lived.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t put any opportunity on hold!!!

(A little) into the wild …

Today is our last day in Alaska. It has been a fantastic trip. To say the sights here are beautiful is a gross understatement. Pictures certainly don’t do Alaska justice. To come here is a lesson in earth and nature and weather and light. It is an immersion of all your senses into a place that is both ominous and inviting. I could never fake being able to make it out there in the vast desolate freezing areas of this great state. I wouldn’t survive even a few hours out there. I am in awe of the animals who call it their home and the people who’s explorations go far deeper into the terrain than I would ever be brave enough to consider. Alaska demands respect. It has mine. I got a “taste” of Alaska on this trip. There is SO MUCH more to see and experience. I understand why people make Alaska their home and why so many people who don’t live here are drawn to come back time and time again. And this comes from a woman who doesn’t like to be cold and wet. I get it. You will see things in Alaska that make you feel small and yet somehow part of something bigger than you can ever explain. To experience the fraction of Alaska that we did is both an honor and a privilege. Alaska is simply magnificent.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you go (a little) into the wild!!!

Letting it fall by the wayside …

Some events we experience are little (or HUGE) reminders of what is really important in life. I have had plenty of those experiences (starting WAY too early in life!). Although I loathe some of the losses and life lessons I’ve walked through I think that they have left me with the ability to walk away from pettiness. Pointless worry, anger, jealousy and drama really have no place in my world. I frequently watch others struggle with things like these, and all I can think of is, “WHY?”. For me, dealing with REAL problems and LOVING people is IT for me. It’s all that really matters. Everything else, I can do without.

Well, I hope you all have a day where your let the unimportant fall by the wayside!!!

Gladly taking the good with the bad …

As I took my morning walk this morning I couldn’t help but reflect on 2015.

So. Much. Change.

Most of it good, thankfully. But no less stressful. And if I just focused on the “highlights” (as I usually do), the good parts of all that change, then I can honestly say that 2015 was a great year.

BUT … there were moments when I was experiencing those “good” times when I don’t think I could say that I actually felt “good”. Like the day we left San Francisco after dropping Sid off at school. That was great, but it felt awful. For days!

There were so many events like this that happened in 2015 that I couldn’t count them even if I wanted to. But what I do want to do, is learn from them. And I think I did.

Life is a balancing act. If I chose to focus on the pain I experience I fear that I will lose sight of all the happiness in my life. And I refuse to let that happen. So this is my motivator.

If there is one thing my mother taught me in her short life, it is this: you can find laughter and joy even in your darkest moments. It is her legacy. And it is how I chose to life my life. TRUST ME, it’s not always easy … but it is possible. And if any year proved that to me, it is 2015. In fact, by not feeling the pain that I did, I would have never been able to feel and experience the joys that went along with them … and who am I if I chose to rob myself of that? Not the me I want to be, that’s for sure. 

Change. Good or bad. It’s a DOOZEY.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you gladly take the good with the bad!!!