I love her and all her extra parts …

Happy World Down Syndrome Day everyone!!! WDSD is celebrated on 21st day of the 3rd month. Can you guess why? Because it is the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome. 3/21, get it?!?! I love it! And apparently the world agrees because since 2012 this day has been recognized by the United Nations as a GLOBAL day of awareness! Cool stuff!

I have always said that Reese is a gift, not just to me and our family but to everyone who has come to know her. Not many people know when and where I was told Reese had Down Syndrome. I was on my way to a little league game for G3 and Libs. My doctor called and I pulled my car over to a small side street in Villa Park, California. What I knew deep down, was confirmed. Reese had Down Syndrome. I did not cry that day nor any other day thereafter because of what I was told. Reese was who God made her to be. She was going to be perfectly her, and I was chosen to be her mom. I loved my daughter. Period. It was in that moment sitting in my car alone, hearing those words DOWN SYNDROME, that I felt a clarity wash over me. I thought, this child will change the world. I know it’s not a typical reaction that you hear about with situations like these. But those friends and family who walked with me through those first few months can attest, no tears fell from my eyes. What came was a fierce love and an excitement to see all the ways this little miracle girl would change hearts and minds. She is destined for great things. I truly believe with all of my heart that Reese was born at this time, in this world, for a mighty purpose … and WE are all part of that purpose. Either through knowing me or Reese personally, through social media or this blog many of you have come to have an awareness of Down Syndrome that you probably never had before. An awareness that you now live and spread to others. Your relationship with Reese, no matter how distant, coupled with your understanding of Down Syndrome has undoubtably helped change this world for the better. And I am abundantly grateful that each and every one of you was chosen to be a part of this beautiful journey with us. 💙💛 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you love someone and all their extra parts!!!


Someone else’s journey …

For the past month I have been helping a dear friend of mine train for her first marathon by pacing her on her longest run of the week. I talked her into this craziness over a year ago and to see it all unfolding now, is absolutely exciting! I have thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. It’s like reliving the excitement of my first marathon all over again, while getting to watch my friend do things she never thought were possible. It’s simply wonderful!

Well, I hope you all had a day where you got to share in someone else’s journey!!!

I am a runner …

I ran today. It was just one mile but I think it was quite possibly the most epic mile I have ever run.

I took it easy and did as my doctor requested … and it all went exactly the way I needed it to. It was the green light to move forward. The first steps of a very long journey ahead of me … a journey I am thrilled to be taking.

My day quickly got hectic and I only revisited thoughts of my run when my family and friends called or messaged me to see how it went. Other than that, I was a crazy busy mom today.

However, this afternoon I had a quiet moment in my car when the magnitude of my 1-miler struck me.

I was stopped at a light when I saw some boys walking home from school. They got the green light to go and took off running across the street … and it suddenly hit me.

I can do that.

Yes, me.

I can run.

In fact, I ran today.

I ran a mile.

That mile is just the beginning.

Life often defines us in rare wonderful moments. That was one of them for me …

I can do that.


I am a runner.

And I am going to make my dreams come true.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you own who you are and know exactly what you want!!!