Happy …

Today was a good day. Sometimes that doesn’t involve a whole lot for me. Just sitting in my own skin, doing my own thing and feeling good about it is really all I need to put a smile on my face.

Well, I hope you all had a day that made you happy!!!


Enjoying the silence …

I went through a period when my oldest two were little when I realized I wasn’t equipped for loud noise tolerance.

For the most part, my childhood was a quiet one. It was really just me and my mother and she was definitely not a yeller. After I had children I realized that I had it pretty darn quiet up until then, HA! And when people ask me what the hardest transition for me was becoming a parent I truthfully say the noise. Now having 4 children ages 5-17 (in a few weeks), noise just IS. There is noise coming from someone at all times. And strangely enough it still overwhelms me at times. I sit in awe of all of them just being in the middle of all of it, seemingly unnerved. How on earth do they do it?!?!

I can always tell when I REALLY need a break or when I’m OVER stressed with the CLATTER in my head. It’s those moments after I drop the last child off at school or when leave the house alone and I get into my car and I have no desire whatsoever to turn the stereo on. NONE. I just want to drive. It’s honestly like peace on earth … and suddenly I’m restored. Yep … sometimes it’s just THAT simple.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you enjoyed the silence!!!