It’s just not the same …

Yesterday my son George headed back to his university ready to start the Spring semester. Again, I don’t do any of this “letting go” thing gracefully. I am sad he left. I love my kids and every second I get to spend with them is a gift. George is such a presence in our home, especially in the morning. He wakes up in a great mood. He always greets me with a cheerful “good morning, Mom” and an “I love you”. He usually has me laughing within minutes. He has such a sweet and genuine smile. His heart, GOLD. And this morning, I am missing all of it.

Well, I hope you all don’t have a day that just isn’t the same!!!

She loves me and it was worth the wait …

Reese has never told me she loves me without me saying it to her first. When she says it in response back to being told “I love you”, instead of saying the word “love” she says the word “heart”. “Heart you”, if you want to get technical. It’s adorable.

I have mentioned before that Reese’s biggest delay are her oral motor skills. Don’t get me wrong, she gets her point across, one way or another. She signs, approximates words and uses visual cues to help express herself. But she still doesn’t talk a lot and when she does talk she is very hard to understand. She’s been in speech therapy for years. It’s just all coming together very slowly for her. But thankfully she continues to make progress.

Reese also doesn’t initiate a lot of conversations unless she wants or needs something. She communicates with you if you start the conversation, but again, it’s rare for her to just say something without prompting. Yet, last night she surprised me.

Reese and I were just quietly relaxing on the couch when she looked at me and made a heart shape with both her little hands. Then she pointed at me and said “YOU!”

I was stunned.

It was precious and beautiful. It was something I have wanted for years now. And it came so randomly and without prompting. It was genuine. And it was perfect. Exactly on her time, as I would want it no other way.

Well, I hope you all have a day where it was worth the wait!!!