You got this …

Tomorrow Libs takes the SAT. If I told you all the things that this girl has done to prepare herself for this test, I’m not sure you would believe me. But that’s the kind of kid she is. She makes sure she has no regrets. She makes sure that she does all the “right” things. And she puts her all into achieving her goals. She works HARD. And she will go far. As a mom, this week I have been on pins and needles. I have been extra mother-y.

Eat healthy.

Go to sleep early.

No, you can’t go to that.

The list goes on …

I was not going to let anything derail all of her efforts. She is READY and her dreams are BIG. And I want to see them all come true.

Well, I hope you all have a day where YOU GOT THIS!!!

Piled up …

THIS. WEEK. The finale to our incredibly busy Spring. It seems like I’ve waited an eternity for this week to arrive. It’s been a LONG one and I wondered if we would make it with all our responsibilities met. Surprisingly, we did! But we are limping to the finish. I have definitely BEEN THERE, DONE THAT as both a runner and a mom. HA! Saturday I thought WE GOT THIS! But then Sunday afternoon came and I started feeling run down AGAIN. This cold/UGLINESS has been no joke. It has knocked me on my tush a few times. Luckily yesterday I felt a lot better and I got a ton done. I was so thankful because this week is the last INSANELY busy week we have of the school year. It’s Teacher Appreciation Week in our district too and I really try to make it special for Reese’s teachers, her aides and her therapists. It’s a lot of work, but when I think about what they do for her on a daily basis I just want to go overboard in thanking them. On top of that, Libs had a dental appointment yesterday. Which wasn’t a big deal, it’s the rest of her schedule this week that has me a little unnerved. She has two SAT tutoring sessions, an SAT practice test, her AP U.S. History exam and a whole slew of other tests and projects. Most of these things are out of our control. Things are scheduled when they are scheduled and you can’t do much about them, other than do your best to accomplish everything. Reese’s schedule is better than Libs but not by much. She has her usual dance and musical theatre classes this week but she also has two recitals and a Track Meet … all in about 24 hours! Again, how does everything seem to end up at the same time?!?! Oy!

Well, I hope you all have a day where things don’t pile up!!!

Pulling it off … 

G3, my son, is a senior in high school. He will be graduating in just a few months. He’s currently in his third year studying German. He really enjoys it and plans on taking classes in college. Recently G3 was given an opportunity to attend German Camp and it’s this weekend. The theme for the camp is Medieval Germany. They will be speaking nothing but German and dressing in costumes. This is particularly exciting for G3 because he’s also very interested in European history. As a mom, I couldn’t be more happy for him.


As a mom, I’m also finding it incredibly hard to get him ready to leave. The camp is being held in a much colder climate than where we live. Temperatures will be in the 20s overnight. Getting any child ready for camp is a task in and of itself. Throw in Medieval Germany, cold weather and a costume and you will find that it is darn near impossible to get it all together.

Well I hope you all have a day where you pull it off!!!