Donuts and life …

The truth is that I have been into health and fitness since I was 12 years old. And a donut lover for even longer than that. The summer that I turned 12 was pivotal in my life. I started watching the Richard Simmons show and I was hooked. I began exercising outside of school PE classes and started experimenting on my own in the kitchen with healthy recipes. The life I laid out for myself that summer, stuck. I’m not saying that I didn’t eat junk food like every other teenager, I did. But that is when I learned that there can be both if I leaned more toward making healthy choices most of the time. This carried on for years and even crept its way into my career when I was given the opportunity to work with bariatric patients prior to and after their weight loss surgeries.

So why do I bring all this up?

Because today is National Donut Day. And as much as running, exercising and eating right is a part of my life, so has this favorite childhood food. Jelly donuts will ALWAYS stir up fond memories of yesteryear for me. Memories of New York (I was born there), my mom, my grandmother, and little pink bakery boxes tied with string. I love that weeks like this I am literally a walking oxymoron. With Running Day and Donut Day all occurring in one week, I feel like I get to celebrate the things that stir up a lot of wonderful memories for me. A lifetime of them really. And that is pretty cool.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you love the life you have created and get to eat a donut too!!!


Trying something new …

If I had to pick another passion that came second to running and exercise it’s food and nutrition. I love food (who doesn’t?) and I have always loved to cook. What I have put into my mouth and how it is prepared has always been part of my curiosity … and OK, possibly fueled by some of my paranoia, HA! Regardless, I love all things related. Yes, I am a “foodie” and proud of it! I obnoxiously post pics of my food on facebook. I figure if it’s that offensive to someone (really?) they can hide my posts (really really??) or un-friend me (wow, some people). My big thing for the past 17 years or so has been taking “regular” recipes and making them healthy-ized. By this I mean no chemicals or preservatives, being conscientious of fat and sugars, and still meeting my family’s and my nutritional needs. This was not so easy 17 years ago … and it didn’t come cheap. Now it’s unusually easy and way more cost efficient, if not a less expensive way to eat. It does take some planning and a lot of effort, but worth it for sure. After all these years of trying I can honestly say I can now make almost any recipe healthier than it started off and I can still manage to make it taste great. Yes, yes I am tooting my own horn … hehe.

So, I mention all of this because I realized something the other day. This Irish girl has never made an Irish dish … at least not that I can remember. Shameful. They may pull my Irish card and make me dye my hair … I don’t know how to be anything but a redhead so that would be bad! But anyway, yesterday I decided the next three dinners I make will be Irish inspired, of course, all leading up to St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not doing anything spectacular, and thanks to Trader Joe’s I don’t have to do much, but I’m giving my Irish heritage a whirl … at least in the kitchen.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you try something new!!!

Donuts …

I am a pretty healthy eater and I have been most of my life. I came into my love of fitness and nutrition the summer I turned 12 when I discovered the Richard Simmons show. I would write down his recipes and when my mother would come home from work I would beg her to take me to the store to buy all the ingredients. For the record, that woman was a saint. Of course since then, I did the typical high school and college crappy diet scene. But in the end, I always came back to what I knew to be the best thing for my body. Plus I have ALWAYS had a fear of chemicals and preservatives (and plastic for that matter, but again, that is topic for another day). So needless to say, eating healthy caused me less anxiety than dealing with all my other phobias combined, HA!

That all being said, I do have a vice I will probably never give up … DONUTS. Donuts are my thing. They always have been. Honestly, I think it came out of being a New Yorker. Yes, I’ve spent most of my life as a Californian, but it doesn’t matter. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker … first and foremost. Anyway, one of my favorite childhood memories is of little pink pastry boxes tied up with string that always seemed to fill my YaYa’s (grandmother’s) hands. Yes, bakeries, pink boxes and donuts are a part of my personal history … silly I know, but sentimental to me nonetheless. Donuts are not just my vice … they have become my reward and my comfort food. When I celebrate, I usually do so with donut. When I am sad, I also comfort myself with a donut. Perhaps I seek them, in good times and bad, because they bring me back to a simple happy time when life was just starting for me. When life was genuinely good and right. When a sweet was just a treat. I cherish the memories I have of the smiles that came across the faces of the people I loved who delighted in what was found inside those pretty pink boxes. Donuts. They may not be the best thing for my body, but every once in a while, they are exactly what my heart needs.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you enjoy a donut!!!