Live better …

Negativity is SO draining. It literally SUCKS the life out of me. Whether I experience it first hand or whether I am inadvertently exposed to it through rants on social media, it still makes me recoil. It’s not my true nature to tear down others or to be critical. I can’t operate like that! And honestly, the energy it requires to live in that PLACE has to be exuberant. I’d rather focus my efforts on more important things like learning and growing and loving. I want to spend my days appreciating our beautifully flawed world and being helpful to others. It’s really quite simple! I want to lift people up and enjoy life with them! Expecting or accepting anything less from myself would just be disappointing.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you choose to LIVE BETTER!!!

Growing …

My sweet Reese woke up in the middle of the night last night with pains in her little legs. This just breaks my heart! I remember getting these pains when I was a child. VIVIDLY. They were AWFUL. I know that the pains are harmless, and that they are actually indicating a good thing, but knowing that my child is in pain just unsettles me. Luckily with some ibuprofen, leg massages and cuddles Reese was able to fall back to sleep. To hear her breathes deepen and relax as she became more comfortable was such a relief. A gift to this worrying mama.

Nights like these are the parenting REAL DEAL. When we are in the trenches, tired and worried, trying desperately to make sure our kids are OK. I’d spend a million sleepless nights like this just to give my kids peace and comfort. Make that 10 million because … goodness … I couldn’t possibly love them more.

Well, I hope you all have a day where growing doesn’t hurt!!!