Never ending fun …

I feel like we have been celebrating for a month now. Well … we have! Between my son George’s graduation, Father’s Day, and the 4th of July this family has not stopped partying. And now we gear up for a week of birthdays. Holy moly!

Well, I hope you all have a day full of never ending fun!!!


Proud … 

If I had to describe this past school year I would describe it as CHALLENGING. It started off as any other year had … and then craziness ensued. Getting sick is one of the most selfish things I could have ever done to my kids, my family and my friends. It derailed all of us.

Do I really believe it was my fault?

No. Of course not. But I still feel a tremendous sense of guilt especially when it comes to my kids. They needed me and there were days when I could hardly lift my head. My heart broke each time I couldn’t do something for them. I was angry when they had to struggle without me. They had to step it up and do so much on their own. Things that I normally would do for them or with them. They missed out on our talks. Moments that they used to deflate from their day or share their excitements. They handled stress and problems without me. Again. It broke me.

Today my son George graduates from high school. Goodness I love this kid of mine! He is gentle, kind, compassionate and brilliant. And throughout this past school year he grew into so much more. He matured naturally but also because he had to. He didn’t fight it. He never acted out. He wasn’t bitter. He just went with it. He helped so much. He took on so much. And he accomplished so much. As painful (and wonderful) as it is to admit this, my baby boy grew up in what seems like a few short months. He had to.

Today feels surreal. I want to cry because it’s over and cry from a sense of relief. This was a tough school year but George did it. He finished despite the curve balls life threw at us. And he somehow managed to thrive.

If we are lucky, as parents, sometimes we get a glimpse of reassurance that our kids are READY to take on the world. They get it. They can do this. Those moments when we see clearly that they are exactly what God meant them to be in this time and in this place. I gratefully had many of these moments this school year. They came as a result of time and nature but also out of pain and need. I don’t believe anything happens by chance so I cannot look back on this school year bitterly. All the events that unfolded have delivered us to this day. My baby boy’s graduation day. He got here precisely how he needed to and in a way that has left him better and more capable. What an amazing young man he has become. Indeed.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are proud!!!

It’s surreal … 

Today is George’s last day of high school classes. Forever. He graduates next Wednesday. Watching him leave the house this morning filled my heart with all sorts of emotions and flooded my mind with memories. How is this possible? Where did my baby boy go? It seems like just yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with him. That moment, still so vivid. And here we are … I can’t believe it.

Well, I hope you all have a day that seems surreal!!!

An early start (and LOOK, I’m not crying) …

I am so excited that my son George is graduating from high school! This is a nice reprieve from my cry-fest. It’s an emotional roller coaster having your child graduate. At least it is for me. I reacted the same way when Sid graduated two years ago. Ecstatic one minute and crying the next. I was NUTS! And I am NO better this time around. With excitement driving my mental status today I decided that it was a great day to decorate for George’ special day. Graduation isn’t for over a week but I just had to get this celebration started … ya know, until the hysterically sobbing starts again when I think about how my baby boy is all grown up.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get an early start on it!!!

Feeling nostalgic …

Sid took an early train to see her boyfriend this morning. I drove her to the train station. On my way back I opted for a different route home. I took me by California State University, Fullerton. My alma mater. One of them anyway. I didn’t realize it but this is graduation weekend. Despite being early there were many people arriving. Some walking. Many in their caps and gowns. It really took me back. I remember my graduation days from both Fullerton and California State University, Long Beach like they were yesterday. Such great days, filled with so much excitement, reflection and hope! I know I’m feeling more emotional these days with George’s high school graduation just around the corner. So I’ll just dismiss my crying watching perfect strangers cross the street.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel nostalgic!!!

I cried my eyes out …

I booked the restaurant for George’s graduation party.

I bought decorations for George’s graduation party.

I bought a dress for George’s graduation ceremony and party.

I looked through dorm room supply catalogs.


Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t cry your eyes out!!!

Better planning …

Yesterday morning before school we were discussing how it was already the first day of May. WOW! Then G3 told me that this would be his last full month of high school. WOW, WOW! Within about 8 seconds I went from being super excited for him to a tearful over-emotional mom. Overwhelmed, I sat there trying to figure out how my baby boy turned into a young man who was ready to take on the world, in what feels like, the blink of an eye. Oh yes, I was emotional. Again.

I am at the end of my marathon training schedule. In less than one month I hope to be standing on a start line I never though I’d make it to. It’s been a journey, to say the least.

At the end of a marathon training is something called “a taper”. It’s when your running schedule goes from high to low. From 20-mile long runs to 8-9 mile long runs. It’s a huge difference. There’s a science to all of it that I don’t completely understand, yet I trust it. In simple terms, it’s the time period when your muscles heal and strengthen so that you can be in the best shape possible for race day. Well, that’s the idea anyway. Sounds pleasant, doesn’t it? NOPE. At least not for me.

I’d bet that if you asked most distance runners their opinion of THE TAPER you would get some pretty negative responses. Paranoia of injury increases. Patience is at an all time low. And moods are like a yo-yo. Fun stuff to be around … if you like misery!

I bring all this up because this morning I realized that I will be tapering just as I am watching my son go through his last full month of high school. Oh dear lord in Heaven. What was I thinking? Clearly, I wasn’t. 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you do some better planning!!!