Go for it …

What makes us not pursue our heart’s desire? I know the answers are vast on this one. Fear. Guilt. Time. Obligations. Money. I am sure that most of us can come up with a list a mile long. I know I have! And I’d say that probably most are valid and reasonable excuses. Reasons that make our decision, to not chase our dreams, absolutely understandable. BUT, if I’ve leaned one thing in my five decades it’s this … every time I’ve been given one teeny tiny arrow pointing me in the direction of my goals, it has been a good enough reason to make them a priority. And ultimately it has all brought me a lot of joy.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you GO FOR IT!!!


Do nothing …

I crack myself up. Every Sunday I wake up with the same goal. But after decades of having children I have come to realize it’s absolutely impossible to achieve. But hey, I’m no quitter.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get to do NOTHING!!!

Head in the clouds …

I’ve always been a dreamer. I think it is one of my biggest flaws and one of my greatest blessings. Even when I was a young woman filled with anxiety I still managed to dream BIG. Now that I’m older many of my anxieties have fallen by the wayside which leaves lots of room for dreaming. I think that by allowing myself to dream I have had a better stronghold on hope. It really has worked for me in just about every situation I’ve been in. Even the really ugly ones. I think the ability to dream has also allowed me to maintain a certain measure of flexibility in my thoughts. If one thing doesn’t work out exactly the way I had hoped it can be easily modified. My thinking can be changed, and before I even realize it a new dream is in place. Some things have to change to bring us to the right place in our lives or to help us reach our goals, right?!?! From the bottom of my heart I believe that both God and the universe direct me in the way I need to go. I find so much comfort in that. Rigidity definitely has no place in this dreamer’s life. With all the twists and turns my life has taken I think rigidity would have been the end of my happiness. My soul would have deflated like a balloon decades ago. My spirit would have been crushed. Dreaming has kept me happy and hopeful. So … I guess I’ll just stick with it.

Well, I hope you all have a day where your head is in the clouds!!!

Exactly where I want to be … 

A few months ago I set several goals for myself regarding my training for the Twin Cities Marathon I will be running in October. Actually they were goals I wanted to attain prior to when my actual training began. A pre-training of sorts. I coined it, “Getting ready to get ready.”

I gave myself two months to accomplish all the goals, which seemed a little lofty but I went for it anyway. I wanted to lose a few pounds. I wanted to be able to run over 13.1 miles without walking or stopping. I wanted to have an easy run pace CONSISTENTLY at 9:30/mile and a moderate run pace of 9:15/mile. A quarter mile interval pace under 8:00/mile. And for my long runs to include at least 5 miles of hill training.

All that … just to get ready to start training.

Well … I DID IT!

Next Monday will technically begin my 20-week training for Twin Cities. I am already running more miles than the training outlines. So I will modify my schedule until my mileage ability coincides with the training, which will be some time in August.

Thankfully I feel like all of this just gives me more time to get … BETTER … STRONGER … FASTER … and more capable of making my dreams come true. And THAT makes me a very HAPPY runner girl!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you find yourself exactly where I want to be!!!

Donuts and staying committed to my goals …

A dear friend of mine knew I have been a little stressed out and brought me a Easter basket donut. Have you seen these adorable tasty treats?!?! Let me describe it for you. A cake donut topped with “green grass”, which is green icing and coconut. Topped with “Easter eggs”, jelly beans! It’s like eating FREAKIN’ EASTER! But because I have a whole new nutritional plan I’m following my friend and I agreed I should only have 1/4 of the donut today.

One-forth of one donut. 
What. On. Earth.
For the record, I really did only have a quarter of that donut. And I am still in utter shock. I guess sometimes my dreams seem just a little sweeter … than even a donut.
Well, I hope you all have a day where you stay committed to your goals!!!

Making a comeback …

Yesterday I ran a local Halloween half marathon close to where I went to high school. A beautiful course setting, I’ve run before, on the roads through a large park. But this was a little out of my comfort zone … this course had trails. EEEK.

I was registered for quite a few races before I found the one I ran yesterday. But along with a really neat sparkly skull medal (HA) I liked this race for the challenges it presented me with. Hills and trials. Don’t get me wrong, I love running hills, but I LOATHE running trails. They scare me.

This race couldn’t have come at a better time for me. I feel like me again. My head, heart and body have aligned and it feels FABULOUS. So I was completely up for the challenge of this course. And boy oh boy, was it challenging.

I spoke with a few runners after we were finished. All of us agreed that this course was harder than even San Francisco … and it had DIRT DOWNHILLS.




I was sure I was going to eat dirt, literally. So … I just screamed running down them. Not like a crazy wild woman scream, but more like a whiney sissy scream. Yep. I own it.

Sure, I could have walked down them, but I was bent. This race would be my “comeback” race. And it was.

I have struggled for months to run a 9:30 mile pace again … and sadly that isn’t even my goal pace! I did it a few weeks ago and then two weeks later somehow managed a 6 miler under a 9 minute pace. All I can say is that running is baffling.

Anyway, all I wanted to do yesterday was to finish this out of my comfort zone race, faster than I finished San Francisco in July. I didn’t care if it was by one second. I held back in San Francisco and ran slower to keep on track for Ventura. So I figured this more challenging course and terrain was going to be my gauge. Am I “back” physically or not. Can I now push myself to where I want to go, without the constant worry of injury? Am I really me again? Needless to say, emotionally, a lot was riding on yesterday’s race.

And so off I went. Hitting the pavement, dirt and hills in the heat of the late race start sun. And in the end, I crossed that finish line over 9 minutes faster than I did San Francisco. My finishing time was 2:06:38 and I finished 8th (out of 82) in my age group. It wasn’t a personal best for me, but I’ve learned courses dictate performance. I know by now that my time coupled with considering course difficulty is a better indicator of “where I’m at” than just my finishing time.

On top of doing much better than I had hoped. I was greeted at the finish line by a dear friend and Sidney who put my medal around my neck. Talk about a special race moment! Yep, I cried.

Comebacks are a funny thing. And they are getting funnier as I age. I never know what to expect of myself after an injury or set back. Do I expect more? Less? What factors do I measure in? I can tell you this, I am really thankful for new age groupings, HA!

Anyway, all I know is that I still have dreams and goals set in my heart and head. And as long as I feel healthy … and crazy … enough to chase them, I will.

No, I am still not quiet where I was earlier this year. And no, I am not where I want to be. But after yesterday, I finally feel like I’m at least headed in the right direction again. And for this, I am truly grateful.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel like you are finally making a comeback!!!