Pink skies and an easy run …

Some mornings are ROUGH getting out there to get my miles in. And let’s not talk about how hard even a short run can be on those days. UGH.

Then there are mornings like today.

I woke up before my alarm, I hopped out of bed and I took off. I didn’t have a long run scheduled but my miles just seemed to fly by. They weren’t forced. It was wonderful being IN that zone when running feels to come naturally for me. This certainly DOES NOT happen every day. But it happens enough.

My morning gifts didn’t end there. As I was finishing my run I was rewarded with an breathtakingly beautiful sky. This is usually when the tears flow. I can’t help it. How can I? There is something that overwhelms me at the break of dawn, when the clouds make a perfect filter for the spectacular colors changing behind them. Maybe it’s the feeling of hope. Or perhaps it’s an appreciation for second chances and new beginnings. I’m not really sure. But I can say, that for this runner, mornings don’t get much better than this.

Well, I hope you all have a day that easy going and decorated with pink skies!!!


It’s too early for this poop …

When I have my first WEIRD person encounter before 8:30 in the morning I just know that it’s going to be an interesting day. Oy.

Well, I hope you all have a day where it’s just too early for this poop!!!

Up and at it at undead hours …

I woke up at 4 a.m. today. I was WIDE awake but I decided to stay in bed until it was an acceptable hour to run. I’ve mentioned before that my neighborhood wakes fairly early. I am often the first one out there, but it’s usually within a few minutes of running that “Good Mornings” are exchanged with neighbors who are also out starting their day. Four in the morning, however, is pushing it. As understanding and supportive my neighbors may be of my running and training, no one wants their light sensors triggered and dogs barking that early. Unless of course it was a real threat of vampires and werewolves in the area, HA!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are up and at it at undead hours!!!


Today is one of those days when I’m not sure one of me is enough. Yesterday round two of cold and flu season hit our home. Sid and Reese are both sick with fevers again. And these fevers are MUCH higher than the first time around. Ugh. This makes week FOUR of someone being sick here. Heck, I’m still not myself and it’s been almost two weeks since I first got sick. This YUCK lingers! On top of two girls down, George is getting his wisdom teeth pulled today. I got out of bed incredibly early to make sure he ate a huge breakfast since he can’t eat 8 hours before his surgery. I know he’s 18 now and could have made his own breakfast but he’s still my son. Moms lose it a little when it comes to the words CHILD and SURGERY. Well, at least I do. So needless to say I made him breakfast. Which was fine because I was awake anyway. I was up most of the night with Reese who was extremely restless. I was happy though, I was finally able to fall asleep for about an hour. YAY! Then it was time to wake up to do Libs’ hair for choir portraits today. She had to be at school early today. Of course she did. OY. But somehow I managed to get her to school UNUSUALLY early with her backpack, tennis bag, choir dress and hair and makeup done. Nothing forgotten! A miracle, if I do say so myself.

At some point today I’m going to cry. I just know it. My guess is when they take George back to have his teeth removed. I’ll have a moment alone and a second to breath. Let’s just hope it’s more tearful rather than blubber-y.

Clearly most of this crazy day piled up by no fault of my own. I scheduled George’s surgery months ago and we just found out about the portraits. And SICK happens whenever it happens. My friends and I joke that when I have a stressful day it’s not like everyone else’s normal scoop of stress. It’s got extra toppings, HA!

Days like this I am in awe that God trusts me so much. When I look in the mirror I see just one small woman. But God has put some major love, tenacity and determination into this little frame of mine. He’s packed me with everything I need to get through days like this. And I’m grateful. So, so grateful.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel like SUPERMOM!!!

Ahead of the game …

I have been known to drive my crew to school wearing my pajamas. Heck, I even have fun joking around about having to get out of the car in them. HA! Usually my first "pajama sighting" is at least a few weeks into school. Around that 6 week mark, life gets hard and … well … I start wishing for summer again. Or at least a long weekend. Anyway, today was Libs first day of Hell Week at tennis. I didn't sleep well last night. I have WAY too much on my mind and I had an iced coffee WAY too late in the day. So when my alarm went off this morning it was ugly. I dragged my lifeless body out of bed and made sure Libs was up. Then I proceeded to pee (come on, we all do it), brush my teeth and then I curled up on the couch throwing out verbal "help" to keep Libs on time. When it came time to leave, I rolled off the couch, took a quick glance at my hair in the mirror (yikes), grabbed my keys and got out the door. There is NO LATE during Hell Week and if you aren't 15 minutes early you ARE late. So needless to say Libs was early. REALLY early. She was the first one to arrive and that has to make her look good in the coachs' eyes. Right?!?! So between Libs punctuality and me getting an early start on my jammie wearing school drop-offs I'd say that we are both off to a great start. I think.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are ahead of the game!!!

Freaky runners …

I had another strange experience just as I left my house to go on my run this morning. I saw a man I have never seen before. I’ll be honest, he startled me just because of his presence at 5:45 in the morning. I immediately started thinking he could be up to no good because he was walking super fast dressed in jeans and a button down shirt. When he saw me he was friendly and said “good morning”. I replied back “good morning”. But then he said something that really confused me. He said, “Now remember, TWO-SIX-TWO.” At this point any benefit of the doubt I gave this guy was out the window. HOW ODD! I thought why on earth would I want to remember THAT and WHY was he telling me to?!?! I must have looked utterly perplexed. He looked at me and repeated slowly TWO-SIX-TWO in an almost questioning way. When I still wasn’t understanding he said, “Your shirt.” Well, I guess I was tired this morning because I completely forgot that I had on my Nike Women’s Marathon Finishers shirt that has a HUGE neon yellow 26.2 on it. I immediately said “OHHHH!” and felt a little bad for thinking this guy was a complete WACKO. Then he asked me, “Is 26.2 a marathon?” I said, “Yes, it’s the distance you must run to complete a marathon.” AAAAAAND by the look on his face the tables suddenly turned. HE was no longer feeling like HE was the crazy person in our conversation.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t look like a FREAK!!!