It’s raining here again today. I think most of Southern California doesn’t to know what to make of it at this point, HA! I can’t remember a time when we had this much rain. And trust me, a lot of people out there on the road are NOT handling it well. We headed out early today and I can’t even begin to count the times that I thought to myself WHAT THE HECK (and screamed it a few times too!). It was treacherous at times! And I was almost sideswiped three separate times today. THREE.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you STAY IN YOUR LANE!!!

Years were shaved off of my life …

In the past year I wrote about how I will never EVER feel calm when teaching one of my children how to drive. I believe that I stated previously that I would always find it difficult to trust my life with anyone I needed to teach to eat with a spoon. Let’s revisit this thought … OK, REVISITED. And it still holds true! Teaching my children to drive has been the single most frightening parenting experience I’ve ever had. HANDS. DOWN.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you didn’t have years shaved off of your life!!!

The beauty and joy of growth …

Yesterday I had a telephone conversation with Sid while she was on her way to meet her boyfriend. She was taking the BART in San Francisco and telling me departure times and other little details. She was a pro at San Francisco public transit. I remembered our first time on BART together while we were touring colleges. This was several years go and I worried that this type of transportation would be too overwhelming for her. I was wrong to have worried. My, how times have changed.

Yesterday I had a telephone conversation with George while he was out picking out some luggage at a store in Petaluma. LUGGAGE. My son was buying LUGGAGE. He drives himself to stores, buys luggage, gets himself to airports and flies alone now. This is my child who NEVER paid attention to details or his surroundings. The one I worried about for the longest when he crossed streets. My, how times have changed.

Yesterday when I picked Libs up from school she got into my car. We looked at each other with relief and gave a “high -five”. We discussed how WE MADE IT through this HELLA crazy week. When Libs was little she was my LAZIEST child. She and I always joke that she sat on the couch for five years. Ah, the good ole days, HA! Now she takes AP classes, is in her school’s Digital Media Program, volunteers, sings and performs with the Women’s Advanced Choir and is on the tennis team. My, how times have changed.

I bought Reese a Barbie Accessory Advent Calendar this year. She has loved it! Every morning she opens it along with her advent book box and puts a new number ornament on her little wooden tree. We were in a rush yesterday morning so we decided to wait until later when she had time to enjoy it. Last night after her bath she did her Christmas countdown regime. She was very happy about the new Barbie running shoes she just opened up and was excitedly telling everyone. She was standing down the hallway and I had to stop. Her past and present collided. I remembered a scene from last Christmas Eve that I took a picture of and put in a photobook. It was of Reese as she excitedly stood in the same hallway as we were leaving to go see Christmas lights. She seemed so much taller than the little girl I remembered last year. Her speech has immensely improved. And her capabilities have grown by leaps and bounds. My, how times have changed.

Yesterday, was filled with precious memories of years past and of the beauty that comes with change. I am STRUCK by moments like these. I’m so grateful to experience them. They are a treasure. I love being MOM to these four incredible souls. They truly complete me. And their growth brings me nothing but pure JOY.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you grow!!!

Someone has my back …

Last night I had a dream that I was sitting in the backseat of a car behind the driver's seat. It was a beautiful sunny day and then suddenly people were screaming and there was smoke everywhere. Someone driving behind the car I was in was running cars off the road and hitting pedestrians. It was total chaos. It went on for what seemed like 5 minutes. I was calm for some reason. Never panicking. Even when I realized no one was driving my car. I looked over to my right and saw my friend Pam who passed away last February. She was healthy, beautiful and strong. Her hair was curly and long. Her lips red with lipstick. She came from the backseat and easily slipped into the driver's seat. She took control and there was a peace that continued to remain over me despite all that was happening around us. Then I woke up.

I have mentioned before that I do tend to remain pretty calm through some pretty stressful situations. It makes me appear quite emotionless to the outside world. Which couldn't be farther from the truth. It's usually after things are resolved that I fall apart. Then I cry and I'm a mess. Or I just get sick. I guess we all deal with stress differently.

Anyway, I believe that when people die they never completely leave us. I've lost many people that I have loved dearly. And it all began early in my twenties when I lost my mother. There are times when I cannot deny the presence and influence over my life by the ones who aren't with me physically anymore. I've lived a lot of decades now with these "signs". These experiences are comforting. It's as if someone is looking out for me … an angel sent from Heaven.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel like someone has your back!!!

The hiccup from hell …

I have been thirsty all day. I went running this morning and it was blazing hot. I’ve been drinking water and tea in excess all day long because of it. At lunch, when we were out, the waitress filled my glass up twice and at that point I was just going to ask her for a trough, HA! With my crazy thirst it is no surprise that I got the hiccups this afternoon. I don’t get the hiccups a lot but when I do I only hiccup about two or three times. Then they’re gone. But today’s hiccup was extremely unusual. It came after a yawn and while I was driving. I’ll be honest, I thought my life was in danger. It was so startling! I know hiccups come from your diaphragm but I’m pretty sure that this one came from my soul. I’m not sure if the yawn had anything to do with it but this hiccup involved most of my body and it was loud. Like it came from the depths of somewhere dark and scary. Thank goodness my kids weren’t with me because I am pretty this thing would have made Reese cry. Strangely, it was a stand alone hiccup too. I only had one. And trust me, one was enough!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t have a hiccup from hell!!!

Unsettled …

Maybe I’m just a really anxious person, but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being a passenger in a car where my child is the driver. Being driven around by a person who I personally fastened into their infant car seat and carrier is just a little freaky in my opinion.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t feel unsettled!!!

A mad rush …

Driving around these past few weeks I realized something. People honk more when they drive during the holiday season than other time of the year. Every time I’ve been out it’s like a horn frenzy. And NOOOOO it’s not just at me. Truthfully, I’m not even the one people are angrily honking at. Holiday cheer sure looks more like holiday SNEER. Seriously, I’d love to know the honk-ability statistics. Yes … I totally made that one up. But it has to be heighten this time of year. Has to be!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t in a mad rush!!!