Dare to dream …

I can’t stop. Life cannot beat it out of me. I think it comes close sometimes but then miraculously my heart is always restored. My spirit cannot be crushed. People have tried. Situations that should have broken me, didn’t. I don’t know what to call it. Resilience? Hope? Determination? I know this is a gift. I value it. And I will NEVER EVER take it for granted.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you dare to keep on dreaming!!!


Try … 

I think it was Yoda (yes, I typed “Yoda”) who said, “There is no try, only do.” It was him or some other fairly important person who said that … um … or something like that. I’m just too lazy today to Google who it was and what they actually said. HA!

Anyway, I do like that saying … but… I think there is something to be said about TRYING. Don’t get me wrong, DOING is certainly important. Let’s face it, unless you start DOING something nothing will ever get DONE. And we all know that DONE is great.

But if you think about it the most important part of getting things DONE is at the very beginning of the process when you must first TRY. Nothing gets DONE, unless someone choses to TRY to get it DONE in the first place. And that TRYING can get pretty precarious. First it requires a certain amount of courage and a willingness to fail miserably. Over. And over. Again. Humility is part of TRYING … trust me on that one. TRYING can be ROUGH. And multiple failures is quite honestly the definition of SUCKINESS in a nutshell. I am pretty sure that’s in the dictionary, HA again!

But failure often sparks HOPE and DETERMINATION (oooo, I really like those things). And that ultimately is what gets things DONE. My point is that without TRYING there can never be any DOING or … um … DONE-ING. TRYING is good. And I really hope I didn’t confuse anyone. HA again (again)!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t underestimate the importance of TRYING!!!

Tennis, P90X and one proud mom … 

Some days my kiddos just impress the heck out of me. Today G3 started P90X all on his own and Libs tackled her first day of tennis camp in this crazy heat. Neither tasks were easy to accomplish but they did it! Even after feeling the magnitude of the challenges they have chosen to tackle, both kids still remain eager to keep with their summer fitness goals. Gotta love their determination!

Well, I hope you all have day where you are proud!!!

More determined than ever … 

Ever get the feeling that all negative forces are working against you, to keep you from doing something that you are being called to do??? When obstacle and obstruction seem to meet you everywhere you turn and for absolutely no reason at all.


You are drawn to keep moving forward. Ignoring the “signs” and all of your fears and anxieties because your gut tells you that there is something more important waiting for you.

Yep. Me and race day. One week from tomorrow. And nothing or no one will stop me from being there and finishing that race. Not after all I have done to get there. And that is a promise.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are more determined than ever!!!

I’m hanging in there … 

I was super excited to get out and run this morning. It was my first long run in three weeks. I wasn’t worried too much about my endurance, but I was really curious to see how my foot held up. Luckily long runs during marathon training are more about building endurance than they are speed. Training schedules give you a pretty wide pace range for long run days that keep you in the “running” for your desired marathon pace come race day. And trust me, I have those paces ingrained in my memory, like they were burned there with a cattle prod, HA!

Anyway, I had two pretty decent runs this week and I was hoping for a long run to go with it. But I wasn’t going to do anything crazy either. The run was going to be driven by foot, not by my stubbornness. I still have one spot on the top of my foot that is sore if I push on it. I know. Don’t push on it. But I can’t help it. It also lies right along my shoelace line. Which doesn’t help the soreness factor one bit. But other than a little stiffness, my foot has felt pretty good.

So I woke up early and got out there. My first 6 miles went exactly how I had hoped they would go. Easy. And at a pace I was pleased with. My last 4 miles I decided to take much easier. My foot was tired. I hadn’t run 10 miles in three weeks, and my foot was beginning to feel it. So I listened to my body and slowed down. I said PHOOEY to the paces stuck in my head and just ran what felt most comfortable to my foot. This is huge for me. HUGE.

I would be lying if I said that running the Twin Cities Marathon didn’t have a huge emotional tug on my heart. It does. Yes, all marathons do, but this one is at the top of my list. But as I ran today, struggling with my demons of self doubt, I realized how happy this whole process makes me. Running at my best, or at my worst, I am still running. And no matter how long it’s taking me, each race, each mile, each step, is moving closer to the goals I have made for myself. I am living … and it truly is a life beyond my wildest dreams.

Just as I slowed down my pace this morning the skies opened up and it started to rain. It was not just beautiful but it was also like a redemption. Washing away my self doubt and replacing it with even more determination. I’m in this thing. I am not letting go of my dreams. And no matter how long it takes me … I WILL achieve them.

The funniest thing about my run today is that I still somehow managed to finish within the pace range set for my goal time on race day. I’m not sure how, but I did. Go figure.

Situations like this ALWAYS remind me that the lessons I learn running rarely have anything to do with running itself. They are lessons about life, and patience and learning how to become more of the person I was meant to be. Yep. It’s a process … and one I plan on sticking with until the very end.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you hang in there!!!

I am DETERMINED to NEVER give up … 

I took all my running miles this week and converted them to cycling miles in an effort to spare my foot some pounding. I’m not sure if it helped my foot much, but in all those hours I spent on Satan’s stationary bike of doom and boredom, I did learn a lot. And as a result I am sending out a BIG THANK YOU to my family and friends for all their love, support and encouragement. They keep me REAL … and laughing.

An Injured Runner’s Life Lesson List (Part, 23 GAZILLION):

1. The reason us runner’s never know we are about to be injured is because we all have the same freakin’ aches and pains … and they all sound NORMAL to US.

2. Boredom combined with laughter makes you sweat more.

3. Hurt a women physically or emotionally and what you get in the end is a WARRIOR.

4. Real friends speak the truth and aren’t scared to discuss poop or dangly toenails.

5. Life has its’ own agenda.

6. Strong legs can be made in all sorts of ways.

7. Inner peace matters.

8. Finding friends who share the same passion that you do is simply one of the greatest gifts life can hand you.

9. Wings aren’t always found on your back. 

10. Setbacks suck, but determination trumps defeat.

Yep. I spent a lot of time on that bike this week. Thinking. Angry. Calculating. Making peace. And owning … that I am NO QUITTER.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are determined to NEVER GIVE UP!!!

I want it and I want it bad …

I have not run in 12 days. OK, yesterday I did a few little jaunts just to be able to say I’ve actually run in Boston, HA! But I didn’t want to blow it. My foot is healing and I’m not rushing anything.

Last night when it was fairly late and quiet in the city, we headed over to Boylston Street. To the Boston Marathon finish line. I was so delirious when we got there that I didn’t realize that we actually parked on it! OH MY GOD! We moved, of course.

We got out of the car and I saw it FOR REALS. I took a few pictures. Standing on it seemed almost like sacrilege to me. I don’t belong there. Not yet anyway. I couldn’t even imagine running over it just to say that I had. I wouldn’t dare. It means more than that to me. This is my dream. I want to cross that finish line because I EARNED the right to so so.

I spent a few tearful moments alone there. Do I have what it takes to get here? Can I really do this? I heard the words of my mentors. I know that without them I wouldn’t dare to dream this dream. They believe in me and I don’t want to disappoint them … or me. I thought of my friends who want to earn the right to be at THIS place too. I want that so much for them. I thought about my foot. How injuries happen. Life happens. I fail. I break. It sucks.

The Boston Marathon … sure, some runners are just THAT gifted. They are just THAT fast. But then there are the runners like me. Runners willing to do what it takes, time and time again, to achieve their goals. The runners so full of hope and daring to believe that the impossible is, in fact, possible.

Standing there last night I promised myself I would be back. Of course I don’t know when, but that doesn’t matter to me. One day I WILL be back to run across that finish line. I also promised myself that I would not feel disappointed with setbacks. They happen. Deal. I will only allow them to make me stronger, to teach me patience and allow them to push me to WANT IT more!

Again … life happens.

I break and it hurts.

I fail, A LOT.

BUT my life can also be SO good. THANKFULLY I still mend. And I PROMISE … I will succeed.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you WANT IT AND WANT IT BAD!!!