Accomplished …

I have been around the motherhood block a few times. This makes my twenty-first year Halloween costuming little people. Some years it was ugly. There was a lot of last minute craziness. There were even Halloween day trips to overcrowded picked over stores that came with it an ugliness that remains indescribable with words in the English language. After what I have seen and endured to ensure my kids looked adorable, I can assure you that there are few finer moments than when a mother stands before a completed costume (prop and hair color included) the night before Halloween.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel accomplished!!!

Pulling it off … 

G3, my son, is a senior in high school. He will be graduating in just a few months. He’s currently in his third year studying German. He really enjoys it and plans on taking classes in college. Recently G3 was given an opportunity to attend German Camp and it’s this weekend. The theme for the camp is Medieval Germany. They will be speaking nothing but German and dressing in costumes. This is particularly exciting for G3 because he’s also very interested in European history. As a mom, I couldn’t be more happy for him.


As a mom, I’m also finding it incredibly hard to get him ready to leave. The camp is being held in a much colder climate than where we live. Temperatures will be in the 20s overnight. Getting any child ready for camp is a task in and of itself. Throw in Medieval Germany, cold weather and a costume and you will find that it is darn near impossible to get it all together.

Well I hope you all have a day where you pull it off!!!