An insomnia-driven chocolate stupor …

Last night, after I got the girls off to bed, I suddenly found myself freezing cold. I turned up the heater and put on a light sweatshirt. I thought I would head off to bed as well but that didn’t happen. What I thought was going to be an early night for me ended up being a long drawn out sleepless extravaganza. I found myself wide awake until well after midnight. Ugh. And then I got a craving for chocolate. Ugh again. So, out of boredom and a huge desire not to obsess about chocolate all night long, I indulged in the smallest amount of chocolate possible. A chocolate sucker. I didn’t finish a quarter of it and it did the trick! Craving gone. I need to remember this one! Anyway, a little while later I finally got tired enough asleep. Yay!

Flash forward to this morning.

I woke up at 5 a.m. but decided to push my run off until later because it was raining pretty hard. After I dropped the girls off at school I quickly ran into the house, changed my clothes and started to head out the door. I realized I might get a little chilly so I threw back on the light sweatshirt that I had on last night and then left for my run.

Now I’m not sure if I was a whole lot more tired than I thought I was last night but about 3 miles into my run I noticed something. I had chocolate smeared all over the front of my sweatshirt. HUH?!?!

OK, first. How did I not notice it earlier? And second, how did it get there?!?! All I had was a quarter of a chocolate sucker at most! And it looked like at least that much was on my sweatshirt! It made me question my whole night. How many suckers did I actually have?!?! Did I DROOL while eating my fragment of a sucker?!?! And good Lordy, if I did, how did I not know THAT ONE?!? I’ll be honest folks, I’m baffled about this one. Utterly.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t experience an insomnia-driven chocolate stupor!!!


I froze my tootsies off …

Holy moly. It is cold here. At least it is for us folks in Southern California. Our high today is 59 degrees. I went outside earlier wearing just my flip-flops. BAD IDEA. With as easy as I get cold, I’m not sure what I was thinking. It’s going to take me until Spring to defrost!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t freeze your tootsies off!!!

Still cold …

Last week when I left for my walks and runs in the morning it was cold. It was in the mid to high 40s, which is pretty cold for us Southern Californians. I admit, I get cold VERY easily. I joke with my family that I spend most of my day avoiding getting cold. But it’s TRUE! I always bring a sweater with me, even in the middle of summer. And trust me, my family teases me all the time about it. So needless to say I am used to bundling up for a run. And last week was no different. But I have no idea what the heck I was thinking this morning. When I checked the weather at 5:15 and it was 50 degrees. Only about 4 degrees warmer than it was last week. FOUR. But for some reason I thought wearing significantly less clothing than last week would be a good idea. For the record, it wasn’t! And I’m still paying for it. No joke. Ugh.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you haven’t been cold ALL DAY LONG!!!

Suck it up and drive on …

The first round of seasonal colds have hit our household this week. First it was Libs and I, and then today, Reese woke up dripping and coughing. I kept the girls home from school because of it, but for me it has been a pretty functional cold. You know the kind. These are the viruses that don’t have you stuck in bed with a fever. No this has been the kind of cold where normal functioning is presumably doable. Where you are just a little “under the weather” and where being amongst the well is met without question. I gotta say that this is even worse than being sick in bed! Being straight up sick people understand why you aren’t ON IT. But with this “kinda sick” there is no mercy. Even I don’t cut myself much slack, often telling myself to stop whining and ignore the semi miserable state I’m in. Ugh.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you suck it up and drive on!!!

Dressing the part …

I don’t want to brag or anything but we got some real Fall weather here in my part of Southern California today. OK fine, it was for like 2 hours and it was rainy-ish. But I also saw some leaves on the ground that had changed color. It was chilly too! I had to wear jeans and a long sleeve shirt. Sure, I might be sweating now, but I even wore boots. Whoa.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you dress the part!!!

Hot and cold adventures …

I have traveled around California quite a few times. However, after traveling up and down the state several times over the past year I’ve come to two conclusions. First, California is beautiful. I have lived here since I was two years old and I can’t believe how much of this state is still left to be explored. It seems like each and every mile of it contains a breathtaking unique element that is just waiting to be discovered. And that brings me to my second conclusion. There is no rhyme or reason to California’s weather temperatures. HA!

But no, really.

In the past few days of travel alone we experienced a 50 degree swing in temperatures. That is just crazy! We saw temps in the 50s and at one point we passed through an area that was 109 degrees. Whoa. Seriously California, make up your mind!

Well, I hope you all have a day filled with hot and cold adventures!!!