Young at heart …

Last night some of my sorority sisters and I went out to celebrate the life of our dear sister who passed away two years ago. It was a nice night reminiscing and just being together. We all needed it. I know that I certainly did. In our discussions we talked about our younger years, the struggles we have faced, the decisions that we have made along the way and happiness we have chosen to find. It’s funny, despite the years that have passed and all that has changed, so much of me has remained the same. And I like that. I still feel like that college girl on most days. The one with hope in her heart and a smile on her face. The one who wanted to look back across her years and be able to tell epic stories to her grandchildren. As a 50 year old woman, I can honestly say that YEARS and NUMBERS mean nothing to me. And what does matter to me is my health, making sure that I walk through life with genuine and authentic souls and not letting bitterness take ahold of me. If I can sneak in some fun in there, find some joy, follow a few passions and gain some wisdom from lessons learned along the way, then I don’t see how I can ever complain.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel young at heart!!!



We are out of town celebrating Sidney, my oldest daughter, this weekend. And we are taking a few extra days to do it, HA! In situations like this it never fails. My body is energized and ready to PARTAY! It doesn’t matter how late I stay up, I wake up early the next day. Like my body and mind are screaming WHAT’S NEXT?!?! Trust me, I would LOVE to sleep in like normal people. But I think my body is worried it’s going to miss something important if we sleep an extra hour or two. Yes body, we will miss a few things … like the undead hours of the day and unopened coffee shops … OY.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t have an innate fear of missing out!!!

A perfect summer day …

We had a great 4th of July. We have had some super fun Independence Day celebrations in the past, but yesterday was one of the best I have ever known. Then … I got questioned about it.


I’ll be honest, I am that person who can show up virtually anywhere, have fun and leave with at least one new friend. My closest friends and family can attest to this. It’s just how I roll.

Despite a change in our typical 4th of July plans, it all went without incident. We usually have a house party first then go to the park in the evening for fireworks. This year, after our neighborhood brunch, we packed up and headed to the park where we had secured a spot earlier in the morning. We stayed there for the rest of the day hanging out with family and friends, eating, relaxing and enjoying our day. It was so easy going. Things just went right. Life, and us in it, fit. I was surrounded by the people I love most, sitting in beautiful weather, celebrating our great country. Does it get much better than this? 

Perhaps I’m a simple woman. Life doesn’t need to be extravagant for me to be happy. Sure I love the details of party planning. It’s my thing. To me, it adds to my enjoyment, it doesn’t stress me out. Perhaps my attention to detail and amenability to change are too much for some folks to grasp. May “simple” doesn’t make everyone one happy. For me, a good life is directly related to the experiences I have. And I am thankful that I find it pretty easy to have a great time and connect with people. Maybe that’s not enough for some people. But it is … for me.

Well, I hope you all have a perfect summer day!!!

A very special delivery … 

Today is G3’s 17th birthday. I can’t believe so much time has passed since that first day I got to hold him in my arms. It’s down right shocking. I remember all of it like it was yesterday. My sweet baby boy was finally here. I had had a pretty difficult pregnancy with him and was worried about him incessantly. After he was born, on several occasions I found myself holding him tightly, kissing his precious little face and telling him “I missed you”. It was so odd to me! Miss him?!?! I hadn’t even met him yet! Heck, I didn’t even know he was a boy! But when I really thought about it I realized what it all meant. I truly believe that my heart and my soul somehow knew that one day I’d have a son to love … we just had to wait for him to get here.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you celebrate a very special delivery!!!

Happy National Cocoa Day … 

I have found that when I am battling some demons that one way to put some fun in my day is to celebrate the little things. I didn’t even realize I did this until about two years ago when I hurt my hamstring and quad. Every day I couldn’t run (for 28 LONG days) I would “Google” to find out what that particular day’s celebration would be. Since then I noticed a pattern. If I’m stressed, I “Google”. And if it’s National WHATEVER Day, I do my best to have a little fun with it. It may be odd to some, but I call it survival. Work with me people, HA!

Incidentally, today is National Cocoa Day. ENJOY!

Well, I hope you all have a SWEET and WARM day!!!

Time flies when you are having fun …

I can’t believe how fast the past 10 days passed by. They were utterly enjoyable. It was time spent with family and friends, in various stages of celebration. Life isn’t always this pleasant, so I really try to appreciate every moment of stretches like this. I also try to not be sad knowing that they are about to end. BIG sigh. 

Well, I hope you all have a day where time flies when you are having fun!!!

Celebrating a miracle …

I post these words every year. I can’t convince myself to change them. To do so would be an injustice to her. To me. To our family. It is our beginning together. It is the story of faith and love … and believing in miracles.

We were told when I was about 11 weeks pregnant that she did not look quite so “typical” … I didn’t care. I loved our baby. And I prayed.A few weeks later we were told, that not only was our baby “not typical”, but there was a chance I would be delivering a still born … I wanted our baby even more fiercely than I had before. And I prayed.

Several weeks later we almost lost our baby … To which I said an adamant and angry “NO!” And I prayed.

A month later we were told that our baby had a “very large hole in her heart” … To which I said, “I don’t believe you.“ And I prayed.

Two months later we were told, “Your baby is small” … To which I laughed and said, “Of all the things that you have told us, this seems pretty manageable.” And I prayed.

Two weeks later, on what was supposed to be a brief doctor’s visit before we headed to our local water park, we were told that our baby was not growing, that she was too small and that she was not acting the way she should be. We were told that I would be given another amniocentesis to see if her lungs were developed. If they were, my doctor wanted to take her right away … I felt like my body was failing her. And I prayed.

My doctor gave me a drug to speed up our baby’s lung development. The results of the amniocentesis were not good. My doctor told us that our baby’s lungs were not developed, our baby could not breath on her own. Now we had a team of medical professionals. They hoped nothing would go wrong for the next 48 hours so that the steroid they had given me would have enough time to help our baby’s lungs grow … To which I said, “OK”. And I prayed.

Less than 24 hours later I had a hospital room full of people wearing blue who were running around and pumping my body full of fluids and drugs. We were told that we could no longer wait. We were told that our baby wouldn’t be breathing and that she would be very small and weak … To which I cried in her father’s arms and said, “I’m scared.” And I prayed.

Minutes later I was strapped to a table. I had refused anything that would alter my mental state. I wanted to be there for our baby. It took a long time to get her out. I was told that she was so small she kept slipping through the doctor’s hands. I kept screaming, “Is she out?!?!” And I prayed.

Then, I heard a cry … To which I thought, “That is loud cry for a baby who is supposed to be weak, small and not breathing.” And I prayed.

A few minutes later our baby was brought over to me, warmly swaddled, pink as can be, breathing on her own and with no hole in her heart. (Sure, she has some extra chromosomes, but who cares about that?) And when I saw her I thought, “You are my miracle and I love you.” And then, I praised God for our beautiful daughter.

Six years ago today, through God’s awesome grace, Reese Lindsey Grace was born by emergency cesarean section. She weighed 2lbs 15oz and was 15 ½ inches long. My world has not been quite the same since, … and I would have it no other way.

Happy Birthday my beautiful Ree Ree! You are my joy and my miracle! Mama loves you and all of your EXTRA parts!!!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you celebrate a miracle … and always remember to pray!!!