Restored and ready to go on …

After all our short trips and our crazy busy summer schedules I was happy to fall into MY bed last night. With nothing planned today I think my body finally allowed me to just CRASH. I slept for almost 10 hours. That is HUGE for me! And my mind and body surely appreciated it. With over 3 weeks left in our summer I now think I can make it to the end, HA!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel restored and ready to go on!!!


I’m just going to give up sleeping …

One of us is going to a Halloween dance. One of us is taking the PSAT. Two of us are going to Homecoming. One of us is racing. One of us is working as a volunteer. One of us has a birthday party to go to. All in the next three days … amongst all the other stuff all of us do.


Well, I hope you all had a day where you decided to give up sleeping!!!