Safe, sound and laughing hysterically …

My girls and I are still in San Francisco. We had visions of sleeping in today. NOPE. We got an early morning wake up call from the fire alarm and that thing is LOUD. This is not our first go-around with hotel evacuations. I know, it's shocking! Our first was in Massachusetts. Again, it was LOUD. Both times, thankfully, there was no actual fire. Just smokers not following hotel rules. Don't even get me started.

Anyway, the girls and I found ourselves on the street in front of our hotel early this morning along with everyone else who was staying there. Trying to make the best of our situation I suggested that we take a walk and go to breakfast. It sounded like a nice idea to me. Then the reality of our rushing out the door to safety came full circle. Libs said, "Mom, I don't have on pants!" This stuck me as one of the funniest things I had ever heard. Needless to say, we didn't walk to breakfast.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are safe and sound and laughing hysterically!!!


K-Cups and some tears …

We all drink different coffees in the house, which is why I feel that the Keurig is just about the best invention ever made for a busy family of coffee drinkers. We use that thing of beauty ALL day long. So you could image that yesterday when I found K-cups on sale for $5.99 a box I got quite excited. I even found my son George’s favorite, Starbucks Italian Roast. We have actually had a hard time finding it lately so I bought three boxes, one for home and two to pack in his things for college. I did all this without really thinking about it. Until this morning. And the it hit me hard. REAL hard.

I woke up early this morning and decided to make a big breakfast for my family. As I was busy preparing things I decided to stop and stock our K-Cup holder. I started with George’s Italian Roast … and I began to cry. The box contained just enough K-Cups to get him through until the day he leaves for college. Oh, yeah. I cried.

It’s moments like these that I question my sanity. How can K-Cups reduce a grown woman to tears? Clearly this can’t be even remotely normal! I ultimately calmed my insanity worries by remembering that a mother’s love knows no boundaries. This love is THE REAL DEAL. We love over time. Across the miles. Through joy and laughter. And in sadness and tears. We LOVE a BIG love. It’s shocking when you first experience it too. I believe that prior to having children women can only fathom this love. They know it will be strong and forever. But HOLY MOLY, when that baby becomes your reality, you are CONSUMED with a love you have never known. Understatedly, it’s wonderful. And once you have experienced this MOM LOVE you wouldn’t know what to do without it … because that love seeps into EVERY aspect of your being. Even into your morning coffee.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you share a cup of coffee with someone who gave you the gift of love!!!

Making breakfast and living on the edge …

Every once in a while, when I am making a fried egg for breakfast, I come across an egg shell that is hard to crack. A shell that requires several hard taps against the side of my frying pan to break it. This unnerves me every time. Thoughts flash through my head. Questions emerge! “Why is this egg shell so hard?” and “Is it filled with something other than an unfertilized egg?!?!” It is in these moments that I don’t think I could display more bravery. Why?!?! Because if I EVER crack an egg and a flippen chicken (or part of one) fell out and/or touched me, I would surely die. Heart attack first, then death. Instant. No doubt in my mind. None.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are living on the edge!!!

We finally got around to it … 

This morning I met with a friend of mine who I have been trying to schedule a breakfast date with for five years. No joke. FIVE years.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you finally get around to it!!!

It all worked out in the end …

I wrote yesterday of how my friend Kim and I headed to Northern California for our weekend Run-cation. We are both running the Napa to Sonoma Half Marathon this Sunday. Our rooms had been booked and we made great time getting to our hotel. Girl talk the whole way, and lots of laughter. The trip was going great!

And then … disaster hit.

Upon arriving at our hotel we learned that they wouldn’t honor the room we had booked through a travel website. WHAT?!?! Needless to say it was a FIASCO. Thankfully the travel company reimbursed our money. But sadly, beyond that they didn’t to much more for us than aggravate us with lengthy (and I am LENGTHY) telephone calls. I am not giving any company names yet, because I am SOOOO not done in my complaint process. That I will deal with after our weekend is over.

Anyway, Kim and I found ourselves stranded in Northern California at a Starbucks with no hotel for about two hours. Oh. My. God. The panic we felt having to find a last minute hotel room on a Friday afternoon on a race weekend had us thinking we might be sleeping in my car. OK, not really. But again … OH … MY … GOD! Luckily Kim and I got were able to book a room at the Hilton Sonoma Wine Country in Santa Rosa.

Yes, I’ll tell you THEIR name. Why?

Because staying with them has been one of the best travel experiences Kim and I have ever had. Although it took us another 90 minutes to get there in traffic, it was well worth it. The drive was absolutely beautiful and upon our arrival here life miraculously changed. The facility and grounds are lovely. Our room, with a view, is clean and modern. And the staff … WOW!

Upon checking in Kim and I must of looked a little wrecked. We told the front desk about our travel woes and they immediately began spoiling us rotten. We were invited to attend a wine tasting currently in progress. When we arrived to the tasting, the woman who checked us in met us at the door and handed up an envelop containing passes for the hotel’s buffet breakfast. She told us she that wanted to buy us breakfast for all the drama we had experienced earlier in the day. Kim and I were so overwhelmed we hugged her! If that wasn’t enough during the wine tasting Kim and I met one of the hotel managers who showered us with all sorts of passes and coupons for the local wineries. We then met a woman in Human Resources who was not only friendly, she shared our love for macaroni and cheese, HA! She checked on us later at the hotel restaurant, making sure we liked our food (macaroni and cheese), all before leaving for the weekend. 

Kim and I were utterly shocked. The staff here owed us nothing but the room we paid for. But they went above and beyond to make up for the inadequacies Kim and I experienced earlier in the day. And mind you, they aren’t even affiliated with either of the TWO companies who Kim and I dealt with previously! Their actions came out of honest-to-goodness generosity, genuine hospitality and straight-up kindness. And Kim and I couldn’t have been more grateful.

Well, I hope you all have a day where it all works out in the end!!!

Smelly … 

This morning I ran and didn’t have time to shower before I had to get Libs up for and to a Digital Media Arts Academy workshop. I quickly made breakfast and proceeded to toss a french toast medallion covered in marinated strawberries all over my leg, foot and kitchen floor. As I ran out the door with my coffee to take Libs to the workshop I spilled my coffee all over my left boob. Thank God it wasn’t nearly as hot as it could have been. I got home from dropping Libs off and got Reese ready to go to summer school. One of her favorite things for lunch is Trader Joe’s version of Spaghetti-Os. When I was putting the can of Os into a microwave save bowl I managed to spill them on my tank and shorts. At this point I realized that I probably shouldn’t wear anything nice today … and that I really needed a shower.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t smelly!!!

Fascinated by oatmeal …

Reese and I love oatmeal. My other kids ate oatmeal when they were younger but not one of them will even consider it now. To me oatmeal is THE healthy breakfast and when my kids would eat it, I felt like I somehow climbed to higher rung on the motherhood ladder. At least for that day anyway, HA!

There is something odd about oatmeal though. The heat it retains. Seriously we should insulate houses and the space shuttle with this stuff. It keeps the heat locked in! I have tried to figure it out too. But I can’t. Is it the density? Is it the liquid? Is it the mushy consistency? What on earth keeps it so hot for so long? I’ll admit it, I am totally tripped out … yes … by oatmeal.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are fascinated!!!