A lot on my happy mind …

I could have blogged about a million things today. Luckily almost all of them would have been about happy things. But I’ll just leave it at that.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you had a lot on your mind!!!


Happily and hopefully still at it …

Today is my blog’s 7th year anniversary. That is a whole lot of years filled with hope. And that just makes me smile. Thank you all for sharing them with me.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are happily and hopefully still at it!!!

Six years later and still going strong … 

Today is my 6-Year Blogiversary. I can’t believe it. What started off as a few friends encouraging me to formally do something with my qwerky daily well wishes has turned into so much more. It has truly become my hope. There are days when I don’t want to find one positive thing to say about my world. But this blog has motivated me to do it anyway. It has been a gift. A very unexpected gift.

Six years ago today I set out to do a daily blog. A place to find hope for each new day. Even if it was silly or not very hope-filled, I still wanted to keep at it every day. As the years passed I often wondered what would stop this daily writing streak of mine. I didn’t know. But unfortunately I found out last Fall exactly what would stop me.

I was recovering from my second round of meningitis. At first I found myself able to blog daily even through my hospitalIzation but a terrible drug reaction set me back. WAY BACK. I was so sick I couldn’t stay awake for more then a few minutes at a time. It aggravated the pain still lurking in my head from the encephalopathy. I couldn’t stay focused and I had ringing and buzzing in my ears. I was a mess so I reluctantly decided that I wasn’t going to blog until I got better. It took 21 days before I was able to write again.

There were days early on when I didn’t miss blogging one bit. Rest and sleep was all I wanted. That made me so sad. But what made me even sadder was when I became well enough to be aware that I couldn’t keep it up. That my body and mind were not THERE yet. So I waited and thought about the many times when my little blog had pulled me through tough days. I was so grateful to have THIS THING and for the people who encouraged me to start it in the first place. And for the kind souls who actually read my blog entries. Their comments on and involvement with these penned words of mine mean the world to me. And only after having to give it all up did I realize how much this blog had become a part of me … and I missed it dearly. It wasn’t until those 21 days that I realized how important it is that we lift ourselves up EVERY SINGLE DAY. We need to force ourselves to see the good in our lives, even if we don’t want to. Whether it is written on paper, spoken out loud or a thought in our head. Finding even a shred of something we can be hopeful about will do our souls good. I have lived THIS for 6 years now, probably longer. And I can tell you that those 21 days without a conscious decision to diligently seek that hope out were some of the darkest days that I have ever known.

So when will I stop blogging again? I can honestly say that I don’t know. I’ll certainly know it when that day comes around again. But until then, I’ll just keep writing and running and hoping my way through each new day.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you celebrate that you’re still going strong!!!

5 years and no end in sight …

I can’t believe it. Five years ago today I posted my first blog entry on Facebook. A page I still post to every day, Living in LaLa Land. It took some months of encouraging from a few of my friends and family but I finally did it. I created a place to post my daily hopes. Not just for me, but for all of us. A place to come to find a smile or a laugh even when our day wasn’t going as planned. A place to remind us that each new day is a gift. And that life, no matter what we may be going through, should be appreciated. This, in fact, is my WHY.

Let’s face it, life can suck. Mishaps, tragedy, mistakes, change, loss, and straight up bad luck all happen! But it doesn’t mean we can’t still be happy. I may have to get there in a round about way, but my writing always motives me to FIND hope in each day. It’s not always easy. Trust me, there are days when the last thing I want to do is find a HAPPY. But this blog and my commitment to it has forced me to. And it has significantly impacted my life in a beautiful way. I am so thankful for the people who pushed me to take the chance and put my words out there. It’s no easy feat finding the confidence to do so each and every day … for 5 years! But I’m not quitting. Not on me. And certainly not on finding hope in each new day.

Thank you everyone who has followed me! Your support truly humbles me! Happy Blogiversary to US!!! 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you see no end in sight!!!


I love her and all her extra parts …

Happy World Down Syndrome Day everyone!!! WDSD is celebrated on 21st day of the 3rd month. Can you guess why? Because it is the triplication (trisomy) of the 21st chromosome that causes Down Syndrome. 3/21, get it?!?! I love it! And apparently the world agrees because since 2012 this day has been recognized by the United Nations as a GLOBAL day of awareness! Cool stuff!

I have always said that Reese is a gift, not just to me and our family but to everyone who has come to know her. Not many people know when and where I was told Reese had Down Syndrome. I was on my way to a little league game for G3 and Libs. My doctor called and I pulled my car over to a small side street in Villa Park, California. What I knew deep down, was confirmed. Reese had Down Syndrome. I did not cry that day nor any other day thereafter because of what I was told. Reese was who God made her to be. She was going to be perfectly her, and I was chosen to be her mom. I loved my daughter. Period. It was in that moment sitting in my car alone, hearing those words DOWN SYNDROME, that I felt a clarity wash over me. I thought, this child will change the world. I know it’s not a typical reaction that you hear about with situations like these. But those friends and family who walked with me through those first few months can attest, no tears fell from my eyes. What came was a fierce love and an excitement to see all the ways this little miracle girl would change hearts and minds. She is destined for great things. I truly believe with all of my heart that Reese was born at this time, in this world, for a mighty purpose … and WE are all part of that purpose. Either through knowing me or Reese personally, through social media or this blog many of you have come to have an awareness of Down Syndrome that you probably never had before. An awareness that you now live and spread to others. Your relationship with Reese, no matter how distant, coupled with your understanding of Down Syndrome has undoubtably helped change this world for the better. And I am abundantly grateful that each and every one of you was chosen to be a part of this beautiful journey with us. 💙💛 

Well, I hope you all have a day where you love someone and all their extra parts!!!

Happy Blogiversary (I AM REALLY GLAD I DID IT) … 

Holy. Moly. Guess what today is?!?! Oh this questioning on my part never works, HA! You would think after four years (4 YEARS) I would learn. And yes, THAT is it! Today is my 4 year BLOGIVERSARY on my original Facebook blog LIVING IN LALA LAND!!! Can you believe it?!?! Another question, I just can’t quit!
Anyway, I can’t believe it’s been that long. 4 YEARS and over 1,400 blog entries later, I still remember my friends trying to convince me do to it. A daily blog to find hope in EACH NEW DAY?!?! How could I commit to such a HUGE undertaking?!?! Is it EVEN possible to do such a thing?!?! To be THAT hopeful even on days I didn’t feel that I could be. Or wanted to be! As many reservations that I initially had about starting that little daily blog, I can tell you now, that I have no regrets. It has been life changing in the most wonderful way.
I do tend to have a happier and more hopeful disposition than most people I meet (I blame my mother). However, I do have my bad days, weeks, even months! Being hopeful, especially every day, has not been easy for me. But I choose to be anyway. Do I get sad and down? Do I struggle, worry and cry? ABSOLFREAKINLUTELY. But I also, deep down, truly believe that life is magnificent. I believe that dreams come true, that nothing is impossible and that love will always prevail. I believe life, even in its’ darkest and most disappointing times, is still worth giving it a hopeful shot at WOW-ing us. And blogging helps remind me of all of that. Living in LaLa Land and Living and Running in LaLa Land have been two of life’s greatest surprises and gifts for me. Both of which I can no longer imagine my life without.
I would like to thank everyone who continues to follow me on both Facebook and WordPress. I am humbled by your commitment to me and I am inspired to write because of your tenacity to find hope in each new day. You are what keeps me committed to this hope-filled journey. Without all of you, I really couldn’t do this. Nor would I want to. Put simply, YOU have helped changed my life for the better and I am truly grateful ❤️
So cheers to another blogging year in the books and to the hope of many more to come …
Well, I hope you all have a day where you are REALLY glad you did it!!!

Finding a little bit of hope, in a very special place, even when I didn’t want to …

About three and a half years ago I started my blog page on Facebook called Living in LaLa Land. I was encouraged by a group of friends to start a blog. Those nutty peeps thought I had an uncanny gift for finding hope in each new day, HA! I would often (OK fine, daily) post about my life’s little mishaps and then I’d somehow flip it to a positive hope. I don’t even know how I started doing it. Or why. It just sort of happened … naturally.

It took my friends about 6 months of convincing but I finally decided to do it. I hesitated because I really wasn’t sure I could keep it up. Could I really keep finding hope in every new day I faced??? Well, I decided that giving it a try certainly couldn’t hurt … and so, I did.

I have to say that after almost 1000 posts later, I think I’ve succeeded. It also turned into one if the biggest gifts I could have ever given myself. You see, it forced me to keep seeing the positive, no matter how small it may be, even when I didn’t want to.

It REALLY hasn’t always been easy either.

To think that I’m just THAT happy would be a mistake. Yes, I am a very happy person. Self admittedly, probably more than most. But I certainly have my days. Putting myself in a situation to consistently look for hope, even in a poopy day, is no easy task. LET ME TELL YOU!

I have struggled through many days in the past three and half years. There are days that I had spent in tears. Some, have have been very dark and scary. I have felt alone and lonely. I have experienced loss and pain and devastation … just like everyone else. Yes, some I blog about … but many others … I don’t.

There are days when the last thing I want to do is to find some kind of hope in the mess I call my life … but for some reason, that commitment that I took alll those years ago, actually means something to me.

Darn it, I WANT TO FIND HOPE IN EACH NEW DAY … even if all I really want to do is bury myself like a mole under my blankets. Oddly I have found through all of these posts that I can actually do both! I can find some hope AND be buried under all those blankets like a mole… whoda thunk!?!?

So … here I am. Today. Having one of those days. Where I just felt … BLAH. Where I felt run down and sad. Where I missed people I loved. Where I wished for things I knew I could never bring back or have. Where I cried and just felt lousy.

But … here I am. Trying to find hope. Here … yet, again.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you found a little bit of hope, in a very special place, even when you didn’t want to!!!