We are out of town celebrating Sidney, my oldest daughter, this weekend. And we are taking a few extra days to do it, HA! In situations like this it never fails. My body is energized and ready to PARTAY! It doesn’t matter how late I stay up, I wake up early the next day. Like my body and mind are screaming WHAT’S NEXT?!?! Trust me, I would LOVE to sleep in like normal people. But I think my body is worried it’s going to miss something important if we sleep an extra hour or two. Yes body, we will miss a few things … like the undead hours of the day and unopened coffee shops … OY.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t have an innate fear of missing out!!!


Celebrating …

Reese turns 8 years old on Tuesday so we had her birthday party today. It was the first time she really enjoyed the crowds, attention and noises that come with a birthday party. In our beautiful world things take time. I will tell you that this little girl is worth the wait. And I couldn't be more thankful for the people who wait with us. They celebrate the milestones and progress with us. And they make our world that much more beautiful.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you got to celebrate a very special person with some very special people!!!

Getting it all over with at once …

I’m in my final week of tapering just before race day, so I’ll be honest, I’m a lil … OK fine, A LOT … INSANE. Plus this is the first week of school for my H-Crew, and our schedule just went CRAZY. Reese’s 5th birthday is Friday and we are having her classroom party on that day too. The Fresh Beat Band (her new favorite) only has “make your own” decorations and party favors. Um … OF COURSE because THAT makes sense in some alternate universe that is full of CRAFTY MOM’S WITH ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD ON THEIR HANDS! AND I have to pack and be race ready by Friday. Not to mention, actually running the marathon on Sunday. Ummmm … WHAT KIND OF MADNESS IS THIS?!?! I usually like to spread my LOONEY out. But apparently NOT THIS YEAR!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you GET IT ALL OVER WITH AT ONCE!!!