Time-released …

With all the cold and flu related advertisements I’ve been seeing these past few weeks I have come to one conclusion. The science that has come up with the medications that last for 12 to 24 hours is pure genius. Now don’t get me wrong. I still have a fear of all things chemical. But I can’t deny that I have used their benefits. Trust me, meningitis pain is not something you can just breath through. Anyway, my point is that I wish that we could harness this science and somehow melt it into everything else that leaves a bad taste in our mouths. Like traffic. Bad weather. School finals. Seriously, the list is limitless. Now some may be thinking, “That would drag it out.” But I say, NO! It just makes it even out. Like spreading it all thin enough to be a mild inconvenience rather than a poop storm of YUCK.

Well, I hope you all have a day where life is time-released!!!

Seeing yourself in others … even if it’s a squirrel … 

You can always tell the crazy squirrel in the herd. Is “herd” correct when discussing squirrels? Gaggle? Grouping? Bunch? I like “herd” so I’m going with that. Anyway, they are the squirrel who is just a little more jittery and wiry than all the rest. And they have some wild fur going on too. Like they’ve been through a rain and wind storm while all the other squirrels look like they were smart enough to stay inside.


I just got a little scared describing that.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t see yourself in others!!!