An unexpected gift …

Last night we celebrated the life of a dear friend and sorority sister. It was an absolutely beautiful memorial service. She blessed the lives of so many. And she will be truly missed.

A few days ago my sorority sisters and I decided to go to dinner after the memorial service. We wanted extra time together to remember our sister, reminisce and reconnect. And that, we did. It was a such a special night.

Although I remain broken-hearted at the loss of my friend, I couldn’t help but look around the banquet room last night and say to her “you did this”. There were women there whom I haven’t seen or heard from in decades. Women who really mattered to me. Women who I loved. It was an incredible feeling being in their presence again.

My friend’s passing has been a great tragedy, but last night I was reminded that death is not the end of a relationship. It simply changes it to move beyond that which is worldly … and it’s beautiful. My friend may not have been with us physically last night but through her influence and inspiration she still managed to give her sorority sisters something precious. Togetherness.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you receive an unexpected gift!!!

The gift of gab …

I always talk to my H-Crew. We have our daily conversations about the day ahead of us, things to do, etcetera, etcetera. I have always made sure, that if there is something that they feel they REALLY NEED to talk to me about, that they know I will make the time to have that conversation. Luckily we don’t have many of THOSE conversations. But my point is that we talk … and we talk a lot. There are quite a few of them (HA!), so I find it super special when I have a moment (or two hours) to share a conversation alone with one them. Just talking. Two of us connecting and not discussing anything particular. It is no secret that I utterly enjoy my time with my kids and this kind of chattiness between two of us just makes my heart happy. I got the opportunity to have a lot of this kind of time with them this weekend. Individually, that is. It wasn’t planned, the moments (or hours) just presented themselves … like an unexpected gift.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are given the gift of gab!!!