Breathtaking …

Today we got to explore more of our Northern California Coast, one of my FAVORITE things to do! It’s unbelievable just how much there is to experience here. I’ve been making trips North since I was a child and I still haven’t seen everything yet. There are 840 miles of coastline here and I can honestly say that I’ve been in awe with every inch that I’ve been blessed to see.

Well, I hope you all had a breathtakingly beautiful day!!!


A beautiful and imperfect life …

When I pray I don’t ask for a perfect life. But instead, I ask for perfect moments in my rather imperfect life. I do not need an easy life to be happy. I do not need flawlessness. What makes me the happiest are those times when I am with the people I love most, sharing easy conversations, laughs or even stillness, quiet or tears. Those moments when I find myself saying that I wouldn’t trade RIGHT NOW for anything, no matter what situation I may be in. We could be home or on an adventure. At the market or an appointment. We can be going through tough times or good. It doesn’t matter. Opening my heart to accepting that these moments can happen ANYWHERE and under ANY circumstances has allowed me much joy. The genuineness of these moments allow me to feel the closeness that I am blessed to share with others. I appreciate the natural flow of these interactions and the contentment that they bring. They are a reminder that there is a great beauty in just BEING.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you appreciate your beautiful life!!!