Merry and Bright …

I’ve mentioned before that I love running early in the morning. And by “early” I mean at UNDEAD hours when only me and the vampires are out. HA! As much as I love running early, I REALLY REALLY love running early this time of year. Why? Because of all the people who forget to turn their Christmas lights off. It’s beautiful being out there. Like my own private Christmas Light show. So quiet. So festive. This is another one of those unexpected gifts that God has given me through running. There are too many to count! And I find that this particular gift stays with me all day changing my thoughts and feelings into Christmas treasures.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you feel MERRY and BRIGHT!!!


Pink skies and an easy run …

Some mornings are ROUGH getting out there to get my miles in. And let’s not talk about how hard even a short run can be on those days. UGH.

Then there are mornings like today.

I woke up before my alarm, I hopped out of bed and I took off. I didn’t have a long run scheduled but my miles just seemed to fly by. They weren’t forced. It was wonderful being IN that zone when running feels to come naturally for me. This certainly DOES NOT happen every day. But it happens enough.

My morning gifts didn’t end there. As I was finishing my run I was rewarded with an breathtakingly beautiful sky. This is usually when the tears flow. I can’t help it. How can I? There is something that overwhelms me at the break of dawn, when the clouds make a perfect filter for the spectacular colors changing behind them. Maybe it’s the feeling of hope. Or perhaps it’s an appreciation for second chances and new beginnings. I’m not really sure. But I can say, that for this runner, mornings don’t get much better than this.

Well, I hope you all have a day that easy going and decorated with pink skies!!!

Like music to my ears …

I found my favorite earbuds that have been missing for WEEKS! I have others, but I prefer the ones I found. So, I’ve been running without music. I could have used the other earbuds I have but I thought I would be fine with the silence … OK, fine … chatter in my head. Good Lordy, I was NOT FINE. I was DRAGGING. I’m not sure what it is about music but I am WAY faster and WAY more capable with it, than I am without it.

Well, I hope you all have a day where finding something is like music to your ears!!!

Itchy legs …

As a runner (and someone with allergies, HA!) I can tell you, without a doubt, when our California Summer has come to an end. It only happens once or twice on my early morning runs, but it’s a telltale sign that our weather is changing. And it happened to me this morning.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get itchy legs!!!

Beat …

I had a great day today! I got a ton of things done and I was somehow able to squeeze in yoga this morning, some much needed gardening in the afternoon and another workout with speedwork tonight. I’m not sure how, but it all seemed to flow together effortlessly. I love it when that happens! But holy moly, a day like this will take its toll at some point. And I am definitely at that point, HA!

Well, I hope you all had a day were you feel beat!!!

You got this …

I absolutely love my new Fitbit. It “talks” to me way more than my last one. It can be a little bossy when it wants me to get moving. But in the morning it always has something positive to say. It gives me that last little bit of encouragement that helps me get out the door to go run. It seems silly, but I actually look forward to seeing what it has to say. Like this morning, I woke up early and motivated to get out there and work on my pace. Last week I kept all my runs easy as it was my first week back to running after my race. But this morning I was looking to get a little more out of my run. I was pretty excited! And I guess my new Fitbit was too because it “told” me exactly what I needed.

Well, I hope you all have a day where YOU GOT THIS!!!