Hell on wheels …

I have really kicked up my pace on the recumbent bike … and not for all the reasons one would hope. I am pretty sure that this type of training is what Satan does for enjoyment. Ugh.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t experience HELL ON WHEELS!!!

Places to go and people to see …

My gym doesn’t open until 7 am on the weekends. During the week it opens at 5 am. This is perfect for me and my crazy life. Except today. A 7 am open time has never bothered me before. I guess I’ve never been in a position where I needed to be in and out of there early on a weekend before. But today I do. I’m in a hurry. And yet, here I wait. Ugh.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you have places to go and people to see!!!

Bored … 

I’ve decided to get my miles done on the stationary bike to give my legs and back some extra rest during my taper. I am so thankful for the stationary bike. You have to triple the miles to mimic running miles but it allows you to keep training your legs without all the pounding. Cycling on the stationary bike got me through marathon training in the past … when I had a broken foot! It works and it’s a godsend. But I forgot one unpleasant thing about these indoor, not going anywhere miles. Yup, one.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t bored to tears!!!

I’ve given up bending … 

I’ve always done a lot of core work when I work out. It has served me well, especially these past four months. Recently I decided to add more of the same things I have been doing for years. Nothing different, just more days of what I normally do. And wow, can I feel it! I haven’t been this sore in a long time. I keep telling myself that sore is good … and that NOTHING I drop on the floor is important enough to retrieve. HA!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you can bend!!!

I was right … 

I downloaded a new fitness app. Nike+ Fuel. It’s straight up awesome. It tracks my activity level and compares it to my history on previous days. Which I love … except that when it comes to things like this I can be a little hard on myself. I know me, if I see that I earned 10,000 fuel in one day then I will want to reach that level or more the following day. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad goal, however, as a distance runner this is completely unrealistic. There are days when I will run 10, 15, or even as much as 22 miles on a training run! And let’s not forget about race days of 26.2 miles! I can’t outdo THAT, day in and day out! THIS is why I have never downloaded apps like this before. I can’t win. And I don’t like it. YET … here I am, day two of my NEW app … and jonesing to earn more fuel than I did yesterday. OY. When will I learn to listen to myself?

Well, I hope you all have a day where you find out that you were right!!!

Trapped in my head (and sounding a little like Dr. Seuss) …

Here is sit. At the gym. On the Devil’s Cycle of Dread. Peddling my heart out … and trapped in my head!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you have PLENTY of time to think (oh my god, now I’m rhyming)!!!


I attended a special candlelight yoga class this evening. I have been to a few before and really liked them. So when I heard about this one I signed up right away.

I also attended another yoga class this morning, and our instructor assured us that the room we would be practicing in tonight would be warm. Often the room we practice in can get fairly cold, especially if the GINORMOUS fan on the ceiling is on. Cold does not work for yoga. Your muscles need to be warm to be their most flexible.

Anyway, even with our instructor’s reassurance that it would be warm, I knew to layer my clothes for this evening. This is not unusual for me. I loathe being cold and ALWAYS plan for it. ALWAYS. If I don’t have a sweater or jacket with me, it’s only because I forgot it at home, HA! I truthfully make sure I have extra clothes when I leave the house, just in case it gets cold.

So, the class begins and I have on a long sleeved yoga shirt, a tank top and long yoga pants. About 30 minutes in to our 90-minute class I got warm enough to remove my long sleeved shirt. I was feeling good and stretched and I was really enjoying the class.

Then … someone got hot.

And apparently hot enough to request that the GINORMOUS fan be turned on. Ugh.

Sure enough, within 5 minutes on went my long sleeved shirt again. We got into a few nice flows and I was warmer. But not WARM by any stretch. I was at best, cool.

The last 30 minutes of class we were on the ground, which means things slowed down quite a bit. There was a lot of stretching … and a WHOLE LOTTA COLD. By the end of the class I couldn’t wait to put my jacket on. I was FROZEN.

I went to the class with a few people I know. Sid and one of her best friends included. After class they wanted to go get frozen yogurt, so off we went.

Sitting at our table at Pink Berry, we were discussing how we FROZE at yoga. Then I looked at the girls and started cracking up. When I told them why I was laughing the girls just sort of stared at me … well, at least I thought it was funny. 

Well, I hope you all had a day where you enjoyed some FRO-YO and some FRO-YOGA!!!