An insomnia-driven chocolate stupor …

Last night, after I got the girls off to bed, I suddenly found myself freezing cold. I turned up the heater and put on a light sweatshirt. I thought I would head off to bed as well but that didn’t happen. What I thought was going to be an early night for me ended up being a long drawn out sleepless extravaganza. I found myself wide awake until well after midnight. Ugh. And then I got a craving for chocolate. Ugh again. So, out of boredom and a huge desire not to obsess about chocolate all night long, I indulged in the smallest amount of chocolate possible. A chocolate sucker. I didn’t finish a quarter of it and it did the trick! Craving gone. I need to remember this one! Anyway, a little while later I finally got tired enough asleep. Yay!

Flash forward to this morning.

I woke up at 5 a.m. but decided to push my run off until later because it was raining pretty hard. After I dropped the girls off at school I quickly ran into the house, changed my clothes and started to head out the door. I realized I might get a little chilly so I threw back on the light sweatshirt that I had on last night and then left for my run.

Now I’m not sure if I was a whole lot more tired than I thought I was last night but about 3 miles into my run I noticed something. I had chocolate smeared all over the front of my sweatshirt. HUH?!?!

OK, first. How did I not notice it earlier? And second, how did it get there?!?! All I had was a quarter of a chocolate sucker at most! And it looked like at least that much was on my sweatshirt! It made me question my whole night. How many suckers did I actually have?!?! Did I DROOL while eating my fragment of a sucker?!?! And good Lordy, if I did, how did I not know THAT ONE?!? I’ll be honest folks, I’m baffled about this one. Utterly.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t experience an insomnia-driven chocolate stupor!!!

A horrible mistake … 

I normally remain silent over anything political but I am so disturbed by the Kathy Griffin photograph that I just have to say something. Earlier today I heard an unverified news story on one of our local radio stations that said Barron Trump saw the picture. All I can say is … OH MY GOD. I immediately prayed that this was not true. You don’t even have to have a child to feel the gravity of this one! If you have EVER been an 11-year old you can imagine how horrific this could have been for him. My heart ached for him! Again, I can only pray from the depths of my soul that it isn’t true and that he was protected from seeing the image.

And this all got me thinking.

I don’t care what side you are on, the Left or the Right. Our beautiful and democratic country allows for our differences in opinions. It allows for those differences and for our concerns to be voiced freely in many ways. It’s just one of the rights that we have living in this amazing country of ours. BUT. Are we using it responsibly? Especially in front of our precious children. They learn from us. They see our emotions. And they see our actions. Good and bad. And we MUST remember this. Those little minds deserve the best from us. They deserve to know that we can peacefully live together despite our different views. That we can disagree and protest without the fear of violence. That we can behave as GOOD HUMANS even if we don’t see eye-to-eye. They should be encouraged by the fact that they can make positive changes in our country in moral, healthy and law-abiding ways. THIS, they should see us do. THIS, they should learn from us. THIS should be their example. Not hate and horror. No … not ever.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t make a horrible mistake!!!

A pretzel …

I’m not sure if it’s age, activity or sleeping in a weird position, but holy moly, some mornings I’m a twisted mess. And worse, I sound crunchy when I start to move. Luckily it’s not every day, nor does it last more than a few minutes. But still. YIKES!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t look, sound and feel like a pretzel!!!

Wondering why …

I have written before about how after I had meningitis I could no longer remember my dreams. It went on for about 7 years. I guess it’s been about 2 years now that I have started to remember them again. Definitely not all of them but WAY more than NONE. And some days I am not sure that it’s a good thing. My dreams can leave me a little weirded out.

Last night I dreamt that we were robbed and all the robbers stole were my clothes. All of them, underwear included. The only clothes I had left were the ones I was wearing. Oddly I was on slightly upset. I just dealt with it very matter-of-fact and more of an inconvenience that I had to replace my entire wardrobe. In real life I highly doubt I would be that calm.

We lived in a communal dorm room that was painted a burnt orange color with carpeting to match. Yikes. No words.

We could also drive our cars through the house too. Along with all the other people and staff we apparently lived with. Um. OK.

And we lived at the beach. OK, this part I am totally good with!

As a former therapist I should be able to recall some dream analysis. But I gotta admit, my dreams have me scratching my head.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t wondering why!!!

I won’t understand a thing …

Happy Super Bowl Sunday everyone! For someone like me, who knows nothing about football, it’s all about the food and commercials. HA!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you understand what’s going on!!!

Off balance …

Have you ever gotten dizzy totally out of the blue? Just a nasty bout of vertigo that sends you spinning? OY! Today that happened to me and it has been awful. Yuck. Yuck. Yuck. No fun.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you didn’t feel off balance!!!

What the heck happened to me …

So I woke up with one of those dark mysterious bruises from an unknown origin. You know the kind. Bruises that are so awful looking that you can’t figure out, how on earth, you don’t remember getting them! This doesn’t happen to me more than once or twice a year but, boy oh boy, it baffles me when it does. So weird.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t wondering what the heck happened to you!!!

Believing my own delusions …

Whoa. I think I may have taken this Bob the Boot thing a little too seriously for my subconscious to handle. When I was driving on the freeway earlier today I almost got into the carpool lane.


It was just me and Bob, who was sitting in the front seat. I would love to have seen me explain THAT to a highway patrol officer.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t starting to believe your own delusions!!!