Not feeling like myself …

It’s a pretty rare occurrence, but today I woke up in foul mood. Normally I wake up in a great mood regardless of what happened the day before. I really do feel renewed and I’m usually quite excited to find the potential each new day promises. But today this was not the case. I didn’t even have a bad day yesterday nor did I have to do anything unpleasant today. I was just blah for no reason at all. I did go to yoga which seemed to help quite a bit. But I found at times throughout today I revisited my poopy attitude … I didn’t even want a donut … and I watched television.


Well, I hope you all had a day where you felt like yourself!!!

My planets aligned so I’m having some tea …

It’s a rare phenomena to find me perched on my couch, in my jammies with my tea by 8:30. But for some reason, that I can’t explain, it happened today. My chores are done, my H-Crew is fed, entertained and ready for tomorrow. Again … I don’t get it, it’s virtually unexplainable … but I sure do like it.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you feel like the planets aligned!!!