Donuts and life …

The truth is that I have been into health and fitness since I was 12 years old. And a donut lover for even longer than that. The summer that I turned 12 was pivotal in my life. I started watching the Richard Simmons show and I was hooked. I began exercising outside of school PE classes and started experimenting on my own in the kitchen with healthy recipes. The life I laid out for myself that summer, stuck. I’m not saying that I didn’t eat junk food like every other teenager, I did. But that is when I learned that there can be both if I leaned more toward making healthy choices most of the time. This carried on for years and even crept its way into my career when I was given the opportunity to work with bariatric patients prior to and after their weight loss surgeries.

So why do I bring all this up?

Because today is National Donut Day. And as much as running, exercising and eating right is a part of my life, so has this favorite childhood food. Jelly donuts will ALWAYS stir up fond memories of yesteryear for me. Memories of New York (I was born there), my mom, my grandmother, and little pink bakery boxes tied with string. I love that weeks like this I am literally a walking oxymoron. With Running Day and Donut Day all occurring in one week, I feel like I get to celebrate the things that stir up a lot of wonderful memories for me. A lifetime of them really. And that is pretty cool.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you love the life you have created and get to eat a donut too!!!

The best week ever …

It makes me giggle every year. National Running Day and National Donut Day are both THIS week. Appreciation for my favorite pastime AND my favorite vice are all contained in ONE week. How cool is THAT?!?!

Well, I hope you all have the best week EVER!!!

Donuts and disappointment …

Last night I had a wonderful dream. We went to go get donuts. They are my absolute favorite treat! In my dream I ordered my donut and I was happily waiting for the cashier to hand it to me. And just as they did … Libby woke me up. UGH.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you aren’t disappointed!!!

From here to there with ninjas and donuts …

Today is another travel day for us. My son George began his journey back to college where he will be starting his Sophomore year. He doesn’t need me for much in regards to his drive, but I will fly to meet him later today so that I can help him get settled on “move-in” day. My older daughter Sidney, who goes to college about 50 miles from George, planned on coming home this afternoon for a visit and to help with Libs and Reese. To my surprise she actually showed up at about 4 am. Hearing someone unexpectedly entering your home at that time makes a mom a little ninja-ish. The last time I thought someone was breaking into our home I grabbed a roll of Christmas wrapping paper to beat them with. Like that was a good idea! Good lord. Anyway, I’m not really complaining, because even though it was just for a little while, all of my kids were with me. That’s the best. Oh … and Sid brought home my favorite donuts for breakfast. Donuts and all my kids, yep, I’m a happy mom.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you go from here to there and you bring donuts!!!

A very sweet day …

Happy National Donut Day! This is MY day! I admit it, donuts are my ultimate food vice. I am a foodie, no doubt. But donuts are MY THING. They are my comfort food. And every time I eat one it’s like eating a portion of my childhood. OK, that’s a little weird but you get my point. HA! Donuts are THE BEST. In regards to fitness and nutrition donuts have always represented a special portion of what I preach. BALANCE. Yes, I find BALANCE in a DONUT! Judge if you want, but this has a BIGGER meaning than just eating a donut. Let’s face it, if you can’t allow yourself to find joy in a simple indulgence every once in a while (without causing harm, of course) … then you just aren’t living.

Well, I hope you all allow yourself to have a very sweet day!!!

Glitchy …

You all know that I love donuts. That’s an understatement, HA! I am a self-proclaimed donut snob and when we travel I like to find local specialty donut shops and try them out. It’s so much fun! And it gives you a “taste” of the place you are visiting. Well, today I “shared” on Facebook a place I’d like to visit on our next donut travels. Psycho Donuts in San Jose, California. They are a donut shop and art gallery. How cool is that?!?! Anyway, in the process of “sharing”, things went a little haywire. Anytime I did anything on Facebook mobile it reposted. Goodness! So I logged out of everything, changed my password and deleted Facebook and Facebook Messenger off of my phone. What a mess. And all because of a donut. On a positive note. There are about 400 people on my Facebook friends list and if they didn’t know about Psycho Donuts before, they certainly do now! 

Well, I hope you all have a day that doesn’t get glitchy!!!

Happy … 

Today has been a great day! This morning Sid and I tried out a donut shop, DK’s Donuts in Santa Monica (yes, we WILL travel for donuts). They are know for their purple donuts made from a potato. No joke! We also got to spend some time with one of our running mentors and teammates. Seriously, this woman is an inspiration! Then when we got home we found out that G3 got his second college acceptance letter. This one is from Sonoma State! All I can say is that my heart is full!

Well, I hope you all have a day where lots of things make you happy!!! 

I made myself feel better …

So after being given “the boot” on Friday … literally … it pretty much gave me the go ahead to feel bad for myself. This translates into: I GET TO EAT AND DRINK WHATEVER I WANT.

And trust me, I did.

The past 48 hours have not been pretty. But ya know what, I was OK with it. I told myself I could comfort myself with food and drink for the rest of the weekend. Then it has to stop. I am pretty good about turning that switch on and off. I know many people struggle with it even when they have fairly healthy routines. But I firmly believe that I need my indulgent moments. And I take them when I feel I need them. I can’t be good. ALL. THE. TIME. So every once in a while I do let myself indulge, and it makes my regular healthful habits not seem so confining and RIDGID. It’s a balance. One where my healthy habits are way more frequent, but where periodic indulgences have their place too.

So often we find enjoyment and comfort in food. Donuts will always remind me of my childhood. For me there is no other “comfort food” that compares to a jelly donut. Everyone has “their thing”, and boy oh boy, if it’s not a regular happenstance, it is such a treat when you have it. I know it certainly is for me.

Needless to say, I had a few donuts this weekend. And although they were just a bunch of empty calories I didn’t need, they sure did serve their purpose. And tomorrow … so will the gym.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you made yourself feel better!!!

Where the hell is the jelly in my donut …

During the four weeks I took off from running to heal my leg injury I did a lot of thinking. I thought about my previous training and how I ran my last marathon. I evaluated everything. And I mean E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G.

I want to get faster. I NEED to if I want to qualify for Boston. But how? My conclusion. Change everything.

One of the biggest things I wanted to explore is a change in my weight. I am not a skinny runner. Truth be told, it’s not the look I want. I do a lot of cross training in an effort to not look thin, but fit. I do have body fat and I’m proud of it, HA! I also have low tone, not proud of it, BOO! I’ve had this issue my whole life and it’s just something I have learned to deal with. I also fear being thin. Thin, in my clattered noggin, means sick. It reminds me if when I weighed 92 pounds in high school after I had pneumonia and 121 pounds, 7 years ago when I had meningitis. Thin … me NO likey.

As a result my doctor, my nutritionist and myself have come up with a number we all like … except my body. It’s higher than it likes to be. But I feel healthy, strong and emotionally comfortable at this weight so we do what we can to keep me there. In the midst of marathon training, at best, this is a struggle. I have to eat all the time, 2600-3000 calories a day just to maintain my weight. This last training I finally found a groove and maintained my weight better than my previous two marathon trainings. I was so happy!

But then … I started thinking.

What if my body was trying to tell me something? What if I WAS thinner? And WHAT if it made me faster???

So I talked to Dr. Ironman about all this the day he cleared me to run. He presented back to me exactly what my biggest concerns already are. If I lose weight, will I lose muscle? If I lose muscle, will that make me lose strength? And ultimately, it I lose strength, will I lose my ability to get faster? UGH … a delicate balance for sure. And one I agreed to speak with my nutritionist about next week.

In the mean time, I’ve been really watching what I’ve been eating. It’s a different world to me. I usually do all I can to make the calories go up, now I’m making sure they don’t go up too much. I have to admit, my heart isn’t fully behind this yet. To be honest, the thought of being the weight I know my body will fall to … scares me. But I want to get faster. BIG SIGH.

Despite having all of this on my mind, on my way home last night I decided that I would pick up Krispy Kreme donuts as a treat for my H-Crew for breakfast this morning. And, because I’ve been pretty good about watching my calories, I picked myself up two raspberry filled donuts.

It was pretty late when I bought the donuts and I was starving! So I decided I wouldn’t wait until morning to have one of my donuts, I would indulge on my drive home. So I reached in the box and pulled out a a donut. I ate the whole thing … but no jelly.

Ugh. Darn it. I thought, in my donut frenzy, I must have grabbed a cinnamon roll instead. So I justified that if I ate my second donut I wouldn’t stretch my calorie binge into the next day. So, making sure I grabbed a jelly donut this time, I ate another.

You’re not going to believe this … NO JELLY!

I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me. I went in to grab a third donut, believing that somehow I managed to eat both the cinnamon donuts instead of my beloved jelly. I pulled out another donut, took a bite and instantly knew it was a cinnamon donut! At that point, I accepted defeat and placed the once bitten donut back into the box … Krispy Kreme had somehow forgotten to fill my donuts with jelly. ME NO HAPPY.

But then I had a LIGHTBULB MOMENT! This had to be a sign … a revelation in my weight loss drama! Symbolism that only I could understand and given to me in a language I speak!


OK … perhaps I’m taking my jelly-less donut dilemma a step farther than most people ever would … but in my world … this all makes perfect sense.

Well, I hope you all have a day where suddenly (and insanely) everything makes sense!!!

Donuts …

I am a pretty healthy eater and I have been most of my life. I came into my love of fitness and nutrition the summer I turned 12 when I discovered the Richard Simmons show. I would write down his recipes and when my mother would come home from work I would beg her to take me to the store to buy all the ingredients. For the record, that woman was a saint. Of course since then, I did the typical high school and college crappy diet scene. But in the end, I always came back to what I knew to be the best thing for my body. Plus I have ALWAYS had a fear of chemicals and preservatives (and plastic for that matter, but again, that is topic for another day). So needless to say, eating healthy caused me less anxiety than dealing with all my other phobias combined, HA!

That all being said, I do have a vice I will probably never give up … DONUTS. Donuts are my thing. They always have been. Honestly, I think it came out of being a New Yorker. Yes, I’ve spent most of my life as a Californian, but it doesn’t matter. Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker … first and foremost. Anyway, one of my favorite childhood memories is of little pink pastry boxes tied up with string that always seemed to fill my YaYa’s (grandmother’s) hands. Yes, bakeries, pink boxes and donuts are a part of my personal history … silly I know, but sentimental to me nonetheless. Donuts are not just my vice … they have become my reward and my comfort food. When I celebrate, I usually do so with donut. When I am sad, I also comfort myself with a donut. Perhaps I seek them, in good times and bad, because they bring me back to a simple happy time when life was just starting for me. When life was genuinely good and right. When a sweet was just a treat. I cherish the memories I have of the smiles that came across the faces of the people I loved who delighted in what was found inside those pretty pink boxes. Donuts. They may not be the best thing for my body, but every once in a while, they are exactly what my heart needs.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you enjoy a donut!!!