Easy peasy …

Yesterday I took a flight by myself and didn’t panic. Not ONCE. This is not like me. I was on a very unpleasant flight over 20 years ago and it really stuck with me. So now when I fly I’m usually a big ball of anxiety, complete with gripping my armrests and sometimes tears. Sometimes LOTS. And it all just happens. I can’t do much to control it other than breath through it and have some wine, HA! But honestly, it’s a terrible feeling. And I feel badly for anyone who sits near me. But yesterday I did great. It all went so smoothly. I have no idea why, but I was able to rest and relax the whole time. I had a window seat, which is DEFINITELY not my favorite, so I kept the shade down most of the time. But I did peek A LOT and I actually enjoyed the views. I was so proud of me! Anyway, I don’t know if this will last for my future flights but I sure am happy that I got through yesterday without issue. Yay!

Well, I hope you all have a day that goes easy peasy!!!


From here to there with ninjas and donuts …

Today is another travel day for us. My son George began his journey back to college where he will be starting his Sophomore year. He doesn’t need me for much in regards to his drive, but I will fly to meet him later today so that I can help him get settled on “move-in” day. My older daughter Sidney, who goes to college about 50 miles from George, planned on coming home this afternoon for a visit and to help with Libs and Reese. To my surprise she actually showed up at about 4 am. Hearing someone unexpectedly entering your home at that time makes a mom a little ninja-ish. The last time I thought someone was breaking into our home I grabbed a roll of Christmas wrapping paper to beat them with. Like that was a good idea! Good lord. Anyway, I’m not really complaining, because even though it was just for a little while, all of my kids were with me. That’s the best. Oh … and Sid brought home my favorite donuts for breakfast. Donuts and all my kids, yep, I’m a happy mom.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you go from here to there and you bring donuts!!!

A priceless gift …

I had an awesome date with an awesome guy last night! This guy stole my heart years ago and still makes me feel like the most special person alive. Who is this man?!?! MY SON. George is leaving soon to begin his second year of college. BIG SIGH. Last year he and my girls surprised me with a night out before he left. It took a lot to pull off and it was such a treat for me. I loved having that time with him. One thing I was really sad about, with him heading off to college, was that our long talks would not be so commonplace. I absolutely LOVE our talks! So having time with just him and some precious uninterrupted talk time really made me happy. And to my surprise, my sweet son told me a few weeks ago that he planned on making our mom and son date night a tradition. Well, you all know that I’m a crier! And that, I did. I think the most valuable thing a person can EVER give me is their time. It is something that I will NEVER take for granted and something that I will ALWAYS appreciate. Without a doubt, sharing moments and creating memories with the people that I love will fill my heart with joy.

Well, I hope you all have a day where someone gives you a priceless gift!!!

Clowns and circuses …

Many years ago I made the decision to not engage in anyone else’s “drama”. Meaning that if someone is trying to upset me I simply ignore them. If someone is behaving in a way to get me to react, on their level, I just don’t. And I have to say that this decision has brought me A LOT of peace of mind and no regrets.

This was definitely not easy to do in my younger years but it is now. Age, wisdom and maturity are good things! I’m not saying that I don’t initially get upset when people act unpleasantly toward me or do things that I don’t like. I do. But it doesn’t last long. And don’t get me wrong, I will confront someone when they have really “crossed a line” particularly when it can effect my children. However, I have become a pro at not getting sucked into situations that don’t suit me. Reacting poorly in response to someone else’s bad behavior is just not who I am or who I ever want to be. If someone is going to “put on a good show” I just remove myself from their audience. Which is really easy to do on social media with “hiding”, “unfriending”, and “blocking”. HA! But I’ve found that this is pretty easily done in REAL life too. I tend to be calm and rather “matter-of-fact” so I’m sure that this helps. And I actually enjoy taking the “high road” because it makes the other person’s efforts look that much worse! But honestly, I refuse to give a person like that my time and energy. My life, my heart, my mind and my soul are much to valuable for that. So when another unpleasant situation or person enters my life, I will remain on my path of joy and genuineness. And I will chose to sit happily, in my own skin, with my original thoughts, ideas and decisions. Knowing in my heart that I may have nothing to gain by my actions (or rather, in actions), but more importantly, I will have nothing to lose … especially myself.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t let the clowns pull you into their circus!!!

Some dear childhood friends …

We spent part of our Sunday in Hollywood at El Capitan Theatre seeing Disney’s Christopher Robin. I absolutely LOVED IT. I honestly thought it was perfect. It was like the characters jumped right out of my childhood books and came alive on the screen. They were absolutely adorable and utterly lovable. The movie itself was sweet and funny. It sent a great message about family and friendship and the importance of spending time together. I know I tend to be a little more emotional than most but this film pulled at my heartstrings from the beginning to THE END. So much so that I seriously lost track of how many times I got tearful. Oh, that silly old bear!

Well, I hope you all had a day where you got to spend time with some dear childhood friends!!!

Time changed much but not us …

I work up early this morning, despite being up way too late. The house was quiet and I began feeling a bit nostalgic. I always do this time of year. With summer break ending and the new school year starting in a few weeks I tend to feel similar to how I do on New Years Eve. It’s my time to reflect and I look back on summers past. With two adult children off to college I feel even more emotional than I normally do. And it all came out this morning! I spent much of my early morning looking through old pictures of my kids. I laughed, I cried and I soaked in every wonderful memory. It is like time stood still for a moment, but also flashed by in an instant. It’s all a blur but I remember almost every second of it. It sort of makes me sad yet I also delight in knowing that so much has changed but not the love we share and the memories we keep. They are our constant and they are our story. And they are what makes us … US. I am comforted in knowing that no amount of time or distance can ever change that.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you can say that time changed much but not us!!!