Connecting with others near and far …

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! I am truly thankful for all of my followers. I’m grateful to share my life with you. Your comments always warm my heart. I am blessed by your encouragement and appreciate that you share so freely with me. May you all find yourselves surrounded by loved ones today.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are thankful to connect with others near and far!!!


Still so much to learn …

We are out in the desert this week. It’s absolutely beautiful here. And I love the desert heat. I’m also incredibly fascinated by the windmills. They look and operate like moving pieces of art. I’m memorized by them. And they are a reminder that there are still so many things in this world that I know nothing about. I’m a pretty intelligent woman, if I do say so myself. But I have absolutely no idea how these things work. And I don’t care. I could watch them all day long. It makes me kind of happy that I can just enjoy them. I’m thankful that there are people who do understand them. The people who created them and operate them are brilliant in my opinion. But I wonder if they see it that way? Do they just see work and numbers? Or do they see the magnificence of them? I hope for them, the latter. Or at minimum, I hope that they know that there are people like me out here who stand in awe of their creation.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you realize you still have so much to learn!!!

Too many choices …

I love to send flowers and edible arrangements as gifts. I guess because I absolutely love flowers … and yummy treats, HA! Anyway, after years of sending them I realized something. It overwhelms me with visual stimuli. Again, HA! This morning as I was reviewing my To-Do list in my head, I caught myself saying, “I need a good hour to sit down and order flowers.”

Um. AN HOUR?!?!

Yes folks, I need about an hour to order ONE bouquet of flowers. It’s true. GOOD FREAKING GRIEF.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you don’t have TOO MANY choices!!!

Old school Hollywood …

Tonight Libs and I are having a Mother and Daughter date night! We are heading to dinner and the theatre. Theatre has changed significantly since I was a child. Change is good but I love to pass on the tradition of how it used to be to my children. There is definitely a special feel to it.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you DO Hollywood OLD SCHOOL!!!

Get this party started …

FALL. BREAK. I know I said this yesterday, but I am so excited! We have a lot of fun planned over the next 10 days. It’s going to be like a really LONG Thanksgiving extravaganza! And the best part is that I get to spend all of it with my family and friends. YAY!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get the party started!!!