You got this …

Tomorrow Libs takes the SAT. If I told you all the things that this girl has done to prepare herself for this test, I’m not sure you would believe me. But that’s the kind of kid she is. She makes sure she has no regrets. She makes sure that she does all the “right” things. And she puts her all into achieving her goals. She works HARD. And she will go far. As a mom, this week I have been on pins and needles. I have been extra mother-y.

Eat healthy.

Go to sleep early.

No, you can’t go to that.

The list goes on …

I was not going to let anything derail all of her efforts. She is READY and her dreams are BIG. And I want to see them all come true.

Well, I hope you all have a day where YOU GOT THIS!!!


Staying strong …

Don’t you just hate when a situation keeps presenting itself? I’m not talking about things we bring on ourselves. I am talking about those situations that have ABSOLUTELY NO correlation to our actions whatsoever. This stuff just happens. And we are left to deal with it. BIG SIGH.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you stay strong!!!

Part of a big surprise …

Giggle. Giggle. Shhhh. This is going to be so much FUN. Don’t say a word and find a hiding spot! Here they come. SURPRISE!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you get to be part of a BIG surprise!!!

I couldn’t stop laughing …

My best friend from high school, Marianne, and I lost track of each other for about two years when my family and I moved up north. Other than that, for the past almost 4 decades we have been in contact. With texting and social media we usually message each other every day and a lot of that involves making each other laugh. Today was definitely one of those days. This morning Marianne texted me something that cracked me the heck up! It’s one of those things that probably isn’t funny to anyone else, but it was certainly funny to us. It literally had me laughing all day long. And I love that. A lifetime of friendship certainly comes with a lot of perks and one of my favorites is getting to laugh with her.

Well, I hope you all had a day where you couldn’t stop laughing!!!

Memorial Day …

My heart is always full of gratitude and respect for every serviceman and servicewoman, past and present. Today is a day set aside to honor those soldiers who lost their lives serving our country and protecting its’ citizens. I am humbled by their sacrifice and my heart also aches for their loved ones. I pray that they can find peace in their loss and that are comforted by millions of heartfelt thanks.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you honor a hero!!!

Absolutely LOVING this day …

I slept in. I got morning cuddles. I had donuts for breakfast. I got the oil diffusers going. I got to do some writing. I did some summer vacation planning. I crawled back in bed. And I’m making some plans for later today.

Well, I hope you all absolutely LOVE this day!