Choosing joy on Groundhog Day …

Twenty-five years ago today I lost my mom. I cannot believe how bad this day still feels. I was 24 years old when she died and I was completely broken. And still, at 50 years old, I find myself just as shattered as the day she passed. I guess real love just works that way. Every year I try my hardest to get out there and enjoy my day. I know that she would want that for me. Some years I am decently successful. Other years, DEFINITELY not. This year I’m really going to try to have a nice day. I even have plans to leave the house! This hasn’t always proven to been the best idea. Random crying in public gets a lot of stares! I know that everyone who loves me gives me a pass on “people-ing” today. And trust me, I appreciate it! But there was one life lesson that my mother taught me that has been more important to me than ever before. It’s like each year that has passed has only fueled my commitment to it. It is a lesson that I have gone on to teach my own children. It is part of my mother’s legacy. And the part of her that will truly live on forever.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you CHOOSE JOY on Groundhog Day!!!


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