Life changing …

Recently I made some very scary decisions for myself. Trust me when I say that I STRUGGLED making them. I was literally paralyzed with fear. I found that doing nothing differently was WAY less scary than the changes I actually wanted to make. But I did it anyway. Quietly. Privately. Painfully. I took a leap of faith and guess what? IT ALL TURNED OUT EXACTLY AS I HAD HOPED! There is still a lot UNKNOWN for me but I’ve made peace with all of that trusting that I did the right thing. I honestly feel too good and too confident not to have peace!

So what did I do? Strangely, the details of my decisions aren’t that important. They would be laughable to some. Trivial to others. But they are HUGE to me. We all know that our demons haunt us differently. It is our feelings of fear that we can best relate to. So just know that I was REALLY SCARED. I know that we ALL know how that feels! But what is important to know is that I listened to myself. I listened to my gut, my heart, my intuition, my hunch, my WHATEVER you want to call it and I trusted God that everything was going to turn out for the better. And even if it didn’t, I trusted that I would survive. How many times do we IGNORE that part of ourselves that tells us to MOVE, to DO, to ACT? I know I do A LOT. But it’s times like these that I realize that those feelings are VALUABLE and REAL. And that I probably should listen to them more.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you decide something life changing!!!


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