Doubting yourself …

My car needed new breaks and front tires so I scheduled an appointment at the dealership to have it all done for today. I haven’t met a employee at the dealership that I didn’t like. Everyone is great at what they do and I always have a pleasant time when I’m there. Because they SQUEEZED me in for my appointment they weren’t sure if my car would be ready for pickup today or tomorrow so they set me up with a loaner car. Now this is a wonderful service, so I’m not complaining when I say this. But I would think that they would want me in a car with which I am familiar. Not a different car that I have to learn how to use in like four minutes. I am overwhelmed by their trust in me, HA! Judging by how long I sat on the lot in my loaner trying to figure out how to make it GO, I’m pretty sure that they started questioning their judgment.

Well, I hope you hope you all have a day where you don’t doubt yourself!!!


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