Smile down on me …

With as early as I run, and with as many years as I have been doing it, I have seen A LOT of moons. I’ve seen them in all phases slowly setting from the night sky allowing for a beautiful sunrise to follow in their wake. It’s a gift to have been witness to so many of these transitions from night to day and I am no less appreciative by their abundance. Each is special and I know it.

There is, however, one phase of the moon cycle that I have grown to love more than all the others. It still manages to surprise me when I see it and, even after years of experiencing it, it makes me happy. The “waning crescent” NEVER disappoints me! From what I understand about the cycles and phases of the moon (and trust, me it’s limited!) it can appear differently depending on where you are situated on our earth. So we all will be in the same moon phase of the cycle but it will look differently depending on where you actually are viewing it. When I found that out this whole process became even more special to me, because I love what I get to see!

Well, I hope you all have a day where the moon smiles down on you!!!


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