Cutting it close …

Have you ever taken a chance and made some online purchases hoping that they arrived before you left town? I have and this time I topped my own personal level of KOOKY. I had marginal room for error but I did it anyway! And I not only ordered one item, I ordered FIVE. I don’t mean from the same retailer either. No folks, I ordered from FIVE different companies and only paid for expedited shipping for one item. If you were wondering, it was for a pair of boots that I couldn’t pick up anywhere within 100 miles of my house. HA! Anyway, as of this afternoon four of my five purchases have arrived. And the last time I checked my final package is scheduled for delivery for tomorrow! Whoa. By the skin of my teeth! I am super happy that this worked out for me. I know that I narrowly avoided a few problems for myself, and I will NEVER do this again!

Well, I hope you all have a day where you cut it close!!!


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