Kind and encouraging …

Maybe it’s being a mom. Perhaps it’s my education in social work, nutrition and wellness. Maybe the yogi I have become? The runner? The crier? Maybe it’s my bleeding heart? Or maybe it’s that I’VE BEEN THERE. Or if I haven’t, I can certainly empathize with BEING THERE. My first instinct, when I see that someone is in pain, or questioning something that they don’t understand or struggling to figure something out, is to lift them up. NOT tear them down. Happily, I see a lot of good in people. But I also see a lot of bad. I really don’t like the latter. I understand that our world and the people who live in it are not perfect. And I do not feel that we all need to operate the same way to respect one another. But when someone is trying (REALLY REALLY TRYING) to better themselves or if they are in need there is ABSOLUTELY no reason to be anything but helpful. It’s called being human. And when we do THAT right, we are capable of being a POSITIVE influence in someone’s life who might really need it. And that is just pretty darn awesome.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you are kind and encouraging!!!


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