Wander …

Traveling is wonderful. I enjoy the planning of it and the excitement leading up to leaving just can’t be beat. I love seeing new places and revisiting places that hold fond memories in my heart. It’s all GOOD. But there is also something that I have come to appreciate even more than our planned and perfected traveling. It’s the flexibility we have adopted to reroute and change directions. I absolutely love when we choose curiosity and adventure over organized plans. There is freedom in drifting away from what is “likely” and I have found that random discoveries often help me untether my mind from expectations. I find so much joy in this! I know the thought of traveling like this sounds a bit uncomfortable to some people. Nomadic, perhaps. It certainly requires some retraining of your brain and a bit of wild abandon. But I have found that these experiences have always been worth my initial discomfort.

Well, I hope you all have a day where you wander!!!


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