Putting someone in there place …

I want to start this off by saying that I am fine. My leg is a little sore, but that’s it. Now, what happened.

After dance class this morning Reese and I headed over to the bank. This particular bank didn’t have a drive-up ATM so I parked. I recently got a new car so I am very cautious about all things parking and driving. I also have crazy sensitive sensors and when I parked this morning none of them went off. I made sure I had plenty of room on both sides of my car as I parked between two cars. I had to get Reese out and she sits right in back of me so it helps if I’m evenly parked. Anyway, as I was getting out of my car a man was getting into the car parked next to me. I looked at him and saw him sitting in his car and just assumed that he saw me. Honestly, how can you miss me?!?! I’m in a hot pink shirt with bright red hair, HA!

Well … sadly he didn’t see me.

As I was leaned over Reese unbuckling her seatbelt I suddenly got slammed forward by my car door, pushing my shin into the step of my car. OUCH.

I was a little startled to say the least. And I turned around to see that the man next to me had backed out and was rolling his window down. “Are you OK?”, he asked. I told him that my leg hurt but that I had no idea if our cars were damaged. I told him I needed to get Reese out of the car and then I would help check. At this point I was really thankful I hadn’t successfully gotten Reese out of the car. My head was filled with scary thoughts, that it could have been her little leg and not mine. THANK YOU GOD FOR PROTECTING HER!

Anyway, the man got out of his car and started looking for damage. I guess I was still a little in shock because I was absolutely dumbfounded at how it all happened. He was parked quite a safe distance from me and my door was not open all the way. I asked him what exactly had happened. I thought maybe he had taken some sort of weird angle out of his spot for this even to have been possible. Well, his OBNOXIOUS answer snapped me out of every ounce of shock I was feeling.

“Your car door hit my mirror.”


Yep, this guy ACTUALLY had the nerve to word it that way. Needless to say, I immediately corrected his wording. SHHHHEEEESH!

Well, I hope hope you all have a day where you put someone in their place!!!


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